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Record hot wave in Australia, temperature up to 45 ° C. Here’s what happens »

WEATHER: RECORD HOT WAVE in AUSTRALIA, TEMPERATURE up to 45 ° C. This is what happens.

A hot record in Australia. Touched + 45 ° C.While in Italy, the meteorological winter officially begins (December 1st, for astronomical winter we will have to wait until the 21st) in Australia Just the opposite happens. The meteorological summer, which appeared a few days earlier, begins long in advance with aWaved From Hot recording, With Temperatures up to + 45 ° C..

But let’s try to understand what happened.

Last weekend, a blazing fire swept through the Australian continent, setting new records. City Sydney It spent really hot days and, according to the Met Office, it recorded a minimum temperature of no less than + 25.3 ° C.After I arrived
+ 40 ° C. severely. Not only that, in the southeastern part of the island, cities Griffith e Mildura Values ​​straight touched + 43.2 ° C. e + 45.7 ° C., Thus adjusting the records prior to 2019.

Due to this violent heat wave, local authorities have enacted a complete ban on lighting fires in large areas of the state New South Wales (New South Wales), areas particularly affected by the catastrophic fires that destroyed millions of hectares of forest last summer. In short, a situation that has not been recorded before.
But all this did not even frighten the prime minister, Scott Morrison, Which continues to minimize the link between climate change and wildfires while keeping Australia one of the world’s major exporters of fossil fuels.

On the other hand, Australian people seem to be very anxious, according to a survey Lowe Institute, SydneyAnd the Bearing that The fire season killed 3 billion animals and destroyed entire forests.

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