Receipt lottery: with the new rules you win less

With the Budget Law for 2021 and the Milbrugge Decree promulgated at the end of December 2021, the Italian government has it Postponed to a later date Start up Lottery receipt. The big state game designed to combat tax evasion by paying users to request the tax document cannot, in fact, be started due to delays by merchants in obtaining Hardware and software equipment Necessary to inform the lottery code to usersMonopoly agencyWho will administer the lottery.

The monopoly agency, along with the revenue agency, will have to By February 1 Communicate with New start date Receipt lottery. But in the meantime, with the same measures previously mentioned, the government has introduced one A very important amendment for the lotteryVirtual tickets will be obtained Only by electronic payment methods And also, as initially expected, not to pay with cash. The choice is due to the need to push the use of digital payments further Many advantages Lead to the country’s economy in terms of cash usage. But, if we look at the receipt lottery, that choice leads to one choice Net loss (For both buyers and sellers) in the gross annual lottery prize money and a sharp drop in graphics. Hence, the chances of winning one of the prizes.

Receipt Lottery: How It Was Working Before

Before excluding cash payments from receipt lottery, with Old rules It did not really go into effect, as two types of extraction operations were planned and listed on the official website of the initiative: the extractionNormal“And those”ZeroCountry“.

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Previously booked for tickets created with Pay in cash, And the second of those created by Cashless payments Using paper or other electronic tools. Ticket rewards resulting from cash purchases, as well as for buyers and merchants, It was following:

  • 7 weekly prizes of 5,000 total (3,600,000 EUR per year overall)
  • 10 monthly prizes of 30,000 € (7,200,000 € total)
  • One annual prize of 1,000,000 (2,000,000 overall)

Raffle prizesZeroCountryOn the other hand, they were different for buyers and traders:

For buyers

  • 15 weekly prizes of € 25,000 (19,500,000 per year)
  • 10 monthly prizes of € 100,000 (12,000,000)
  • One annual prize of 5,000,000 Euros

Total 36,500,000

– For dealers

  • 15 weekly prizes of € 5,000 (3,900,000 annually)
  • 10 monthly prizes of 20,000 € (2,400,000 annually)
  • One annual prize of 1,000,000 Euros

Total 7,300,000

Receipt Lottery: How It Works Now

With th New laws Receipt lottery completely eliminates the ability to create virtual tickets from cash purchase. is being The related installments completely disappear, Which is no longer mentioned before The official lottery portal.

However, the extraction awards remain unchanged.ZeroCountry“Which, in fact, will be now Only vacant. Since these extracts have not increased, but remain identical in number and sums won, it is easy to calculate: with the new rules The annual prize money decreases by 12,800,000 € And chances to win a prize 970 less.

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