Receipt lottery, everything changes from 2023: how will it work?

Receipt Lottery: In 2023 we move on to instant extraction. The plan of the Meloni government is underlined, with the Revenue Agency and the Customs and Monopolies Agency developing the immediate extraction mechanism. Let’s see in detail what should change from next year.

Receipts lottery: in the year 2023 Instant withdrawals.

A revolution is looming for the withdrawal of the state, which has not met with much success, especially among the exhibitors. From next year it won’t be necessary lottery codewhich greatly simplifies the mechanism for participating in the lottery.

Let’s see in the following article all possible newcomers.

Receipt Lottery 2023: Everything is changing

Lottery of receipts

Receipt Lottery: The government, revenue agency, customs agency, and monopolies are developing an IT system and a remote system that allows cash registers to issue QR code To participate in the draws upon issuance of the receipt.

there Receipts lotteryYet expected Fixed raffles and prizes Weekly, monthly and yearly. To participate, it is necessary for the consumer, at the time of purchase, to show his private data to the operator lottery code. An articulated mechanism that prevented the participation of citizens and merchants, and an attempt is now being made to simplify it Minimizing the impact on traders In terms of updating cash registers and, at the same time, increasing the security of certificates for the gaming system.

Goodbye lottery lawTherefore, in favor of a simpler and more motivating mechanism for consumer participation. In the receipt, in fact, there will be a QR code that will be placed in a frame with the mobile phone, and you will know immediately if you have won.

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there trial version The system should be operational as early as the first months of 2023, with the aim of expanding the instant lottery throughout the national territory starting from middle of next year.

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