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Reasons to search for Villa Trump

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Friday US Department of Justice made public A document containing the reasons that justified the search carried out by the FBI (the investigative agency of the Federal Police) at the home of former President Donald Trump in Florida, which took place on the night of August 8 and 9.

The reasons indicate that the search was ordered after it was confirmed that Trump, at the end of his presidential term, brought hundreds of “secret” documents to his villa, which are classified and covered with a bond of secrecy, which cannot be absolute. a statement. It is also said that the search was necessary because it was “likely to believe” that there were other secret documents in the villa, in addition to those that had already been found.

The reasons were published by order of the US Federal Judge, Bruce Reinhart, the judge who signed the FBI search warrant after reading the document with reasons from the Department of Justice. But the document only partially reveals the reasons for the search warrant, given that most of it was withheld to protect the identity of witnesses, so as not to hamper the investigation and not reveal some particularly sensitive information.

The Justice Department ordered the search warrant after the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), the US government agency tasked with preserving the nation’s most important government and historical records, requested an investigation into possible misuse of classified documents by Trump.

According to the agency, at the end of his presidency, Trump removed several government documents from the White House, violating the Presidential Records Act, a law that requires US presidents to turn over all documents produced by their administration to the National Archives.

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The agency’s request came after some of its officials went to the Trump Florida home, called Mar-a-Lago, in January to obtain 15 boxes containing various documents that the former president was supposed to deliver to the National Archives in January. 2021, when he left the White House, which he never did.

The document containing the reasons for the search indicates that in the 15 boxes there were 182 “confidential” documents, of which 25 were classified as “top secret”. Some of these, according to what can be read in the Motives, could have been removed from their own volumes and mixed with others inappropriately.

On August 12, the FBI has already published the search warrant, but the reasons have not yet been announced. In addition to the search warrant, the FBI also released a list of documents it seized on the night between August 8 and 9: also in this case, many of them were classified and covered by a secrecy bond.

The list of items taken from the palace and details of the arrest warrant showed that the FBI was achieving Trump regarding three possible federal crimes: the crime of allegedly concealing classified documents, the crime of obstructing justice by destroying, altering, or falsifying documents, and the crime of allegedly violating the Espionage Act, the federal law that prohibits and punishes any espionage crimes.

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