Reasons for the failure of the “coercive” US foreign policy

Reasons for the failure of the “coercive” US foreign policy

2023-06-12 10:31:36

According to an article published on June 6 on the European website ModernDiplomacy.Eu, since the outbreak of clashes between Russia and Ukraine, the unilateral sanctions imposed by the United States against Russia have caused new problems for the global economy. From a geopolitical perspective, the Biden administration’s reliance on “democracy faltering” to contain geopolitical rivals appears to be due to the decline of its economic and military power.

The article also notes that a closer look at the history of American politics reveals that the United States has often failed to achieve its goals through coercive policies.

The main reason for this lack of success is the double standard in US policy objectives. While the United States has made promoting “American-style democracy and human rights” the banner of its foreign policy, it has gradually faded into the background of national security or the interests of the country. When there is conflict, the United States quietly chooses to ignore it.

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