Rearview mirror lift, its real function is: Nobody knows | It can save your life

There are elements in cars that everyone knows about but no one asks about their meaning or function. After all, cars consist of hundreds of parts and mechanisms that perform many functions and it is natural that they are complex structures, they are rarely used, and therefore we simply do not care. However, we often put them right there in front of us, under our noses, but we don’t care so much to ask ourselves what they are for, perhaps until they break up, and begin to pose the problem to ourselves.

Probably not everyone knows that your car’s rearview mirror has a small lever that allows you to achieve an amazing result when needed. What is the point of moving it up or down? The explanation will surprise you and you will not stop modifying this lever in the future.

rearview mirror

Just like you didn’t know anything about dashed line of side mirrors, There’s a good chance you’ve never used the rearview mirror lever. This is nothing more than a double curved line. Practically speaking, it defines the boundary between two different curves of the mirror, which practically acts as a double curved glass. Basically, the inner part has a natural curvature, while the outer part after the streak has a curvature almost wider at a wide angle. This allows us to see the space behind us wider and laterally wider, which is very useful when we have to drive in a lane with a car installed diagonally to see the road and therefore need a wider view.

back toEVA from the rearview mirror, if you have not used it beforeI know that If you take your driver’s license exam today, you may fail. Also, your driving safety has been pretty poor so far, and now we explain why.

The rearview mirror lift is of primary importance

Rearview mirror is one of the most important accessories inside the car. In fact, it allows the driver to always be in control of the situation. Looking into the mirrors while driving is a rule that has already been learned in a driving school, which must be respected for the time being! But what do you want to know about the rear view mirror? Have you ever noticed a stick attached to the back? Here’s her job.

Once you are in the driver’s seat, The first golden rule is to put the rearview mirror in the best possible way to Frame the entire rear window. Likewise, the mirrors or the side mirror of the doors must also be adjusted in order to obtain the maximum side view, so as to obtain a wide-angle and almost panoramic field of view.

However, unfortunately, it often happens that you see turning cars with closed side mirrors, or perhaps even worse, destined to reflect themselves.

If the mirror is set correctly, you can drive safely. The lever in the rearview mirror is used to guide the mirror And the Angle it for the best view. They work in the same way as side mirrors, which can be mechanical or electric.

mirror arm.  Use it to adjust the mirror before setting off.
mirror arm. Use it to adjust the mirror before setting off.

Rule number oneAnd the Even before starting the engineis that Normal all mirrors and seat locationEspecially when the car is used by many people who inevitably have different positions such as the height and angle of the mirrors.

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