Really unusual how much you consume more than those who walk a quarter of an hour uphill in the fresh air or on the treadmill

Physical movement ensures a feeling of physical and mental well-being. Anyone who engages in physical activity knows the fun that comes from running in the dirt, walking in the country, or swimming. The exercise that requires the least equipment is walking. However, it is important to understand what kind of shoes to use and, above all, what degree of cushioning they have so as not to overload the spine.

This, in fact, The most comfortable shoes to buy with a little money to walk every day for an hour and fight back pain. A lot depends on the type of support that changes from person to person. In particular, one can have neutral supports, but there are also supinators and protractors. According to the footprint that the foot leaves on a smooth surface, it is thus possible to understand the most suitable type of shoe.

Those who devote themselves to walking constantly also aim to eliminate any excess food. After all, sometimes it happens that everyone overeats and wants to get rid of extra pounds, especially in the abdominal area. but How long do you have to walk or run to burn pizza calories? This is of particular interest to those keen to balance food intake and daily energy expenditure. And so he also wonders if that’s the case It is best to walk 3 quarters of an hour every day or more than 60 minutes 4 times a week. Frequency aside, it’s really amazing to consume more than those who walk a quarter of an hour uphill outdoors or on a treadmill. So when weather conditions do not allow you to train on the street, it is better to set a minimum slope on the carpet in the gym.

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Really unusual how much you consume more than those who walk a quarter of an hour uphill in the fresh air or on the treadmill

To indicate the amount of energy that is expended when doing physical activity, Kilukaria.

Our bodies must face every day energy expenditures for vital functions and above all to move and make efforts. Energy intake also varies with body weight.

As a result, it turns out that the higher the weight value, the more calories are burned. For example, a person who weighs 65 kilograms in a quarter of an hour burns 50 calories if he walks slowly and 90 calories if he goes up. In the same way, up to 72/73 kilograms in 15 minutes, you will burn 60 calories at a moderate speed and just over 100 walking uphill. It is therefore advisable to cross the drill and at least occasionally enter the roads that have more or less incline depending on your physical form.

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