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Final Fantasy Pixel RemasteredSquare Enix, or remastered versions of the original chapters of the series, have yet to be published by Square Enix, but the first details that have emerged in these hours have already begun to discuss fans, with a great deal of controversy It Fonts and Contents.

As for the first aspect, the question is clearly visible by looking at a simple picture: Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster has a restore feature drawing style Original and try to adapt it to the best of the new high definition screens without losing sight of the classic look.

In the procedure, it’s clear that something has gone wrong with Surrender texts, because the fonts used have nothing to do with the original style and are not very comfortable to read, as many enthusiasts and even some newspapers immediately pointed out.

The other debatable aspect is the fact that the new version is being reissued It does not contain additives that existed in previous versions, derived from Game Boy Advance versions. Since Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster already replaces previous versions on iOS devices, this additional content will in fact disappear from circulation, although it is possible that those who have already purchased these games can re-download them later.

The question lends itself to several considerations: More traditional enthusiasts don’t complain much, considering that later additions were a little forced to blend in a bit with the original contents, but it’s not clear why they should necessarily be phased out. In the end it’s all about different Extra Dungeons This definitely won’t hurt.

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So Final Fantasy 1, 2 and 3 Pixel Remaster came out today on Steam although the release is only scheduled for July 28, Final Fantasy 5 and 6 will also be removed on PC soon.

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