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On the program, there will be four VIP judges, including Stefania Orlando and Barbara Furia.

Friday, May 6, early evening At presentthe first episode of this is my home. The programme, which is being broadcast for the first time in Italy, will be moderated by Tommaso Zorziwinner Big Brother VIP 5.

This is my home, the program is based on a very successful English format

this is my home is production Casta Diva It is not a native Italian format. The a programActually, it depends on the English format this is my house. The show that aired last year BBCIt got excellent reviews in the UK.

local version of this is my homeAccording to the previews, it should not be much different from the original format. In the center of the show, in fact, there will be a competition between four contenders, different in each episode. Of the four participants, only one will be a real host while the others will be actors, who are hired by the program to divert VIP judges’ investigations. In all episodes, each contestant will show the jurors a house pretending to be theirs. But in fact, only one of the participants will show their home.

At the end of each episode, the jurors (by mutual agreement) will have to decide what, according to them, the competitor who has already shown their house. If the jury determines the real owner, the latter will be able to convince the jurors, and for this, they will win. On the other hand, if the judges were more convinced by one of the three representatives, the real owner would return home defeated.

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This is my house going forward, jury

during the program this is my homeTherefore, judges will have a very important role. These, in particular, will be four. First of all, the singer and broadcaster will be present Stefania Orlando, Great friend of Mosul Tommaso Zorziwho participated with him in GF Vip. In the new program At presentAfter that, the actress and comedian will attend Barbara Furia. For her, this would not be her absolute debut in the role of juror: immediately, In fact, he also participated as a judge in several episodes of Compliments in the family.

This is my home Zorzi Orlando

at the jury’s table this is my homeSo there will be too Roberta Tagliavini. Archaeological celebrity, a face particularly known to the general public nine. Here, in fact, participates in the program Criticism or trash: who gives more?. Also, always on the channel Discovery, Tagliavini The protagonist of docuriality was titled brira trader. Finally, the fourth and final judge on the show will be the comedian and influencer Nicolas Conversa.

The winner will have a wonderful weekend in a 5 star hotel

Currently, the first season of this is my home It will consist of six episodes, broadcast every Friday in prime time. If the owner manages to win, he will take home a supply of home textiles signed by Via Rome 60. In addition, the winning rider will also have a wonderful weekend in Italy at a 5-star hotel on the track black lifestyle.

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