Real Instagram: From today they became ads!

After a short testing phase on a small group of countries, Instagram announced this ad: The reels will become advertisements.

Instagram has already been testedStarting from the opening month i Reel Ads In Australia, Brazil, Germany and India, before expanding trademark testing to Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States late last month. The test is part of Instagram’s will for Push accelerator on Reels, aiming to make Instagram Reels available for monetization Content Creator.

Reels are currently the best way available on Instagram to reach out to potential interested users who do not yet know the respective profile; For this, they are widely used by content creators, give them Effect And through brands, such as They are able to guarantee a good share of up organica.

e The ability to run sponsored ads from Reels can help companies reach a wider audience And above all in the target.

What exactly should we expect from Reel Ads on Instagram?

Instagram Reels: From Natural Appearance to Ads

Reel ads on Instagram They will have nothing different from classic reels:

  • . will be displayed Screen Zoom and vertically (such as sponsored ads in stories)
  • They will have one Max duration 30 seconds
  • They will come played in an episode So we move on to the next section.

Even in the case of Reel Ads, Users will be free to like, comment, share and save The Reel, as with those who are not nurtured.

The only difference with unsupported Instagrami Reels: Reel Ads They will have a clearly visible sign that says “Under Sponsored” Under the advertiser’s account name.

I reel ads It will be shown in both the Reels Instagram section, both in the Stories and in the Explore . section.

Just like all other Instagram ads, Reel Ads . will appear Displayed based on user preferences, who will have practically complete control over what they will see: if the ad does not interest them, the user can safely skip it, hide it or even report it if it violates Instagram’s terms of use.

Advantages and disadvantages of Instagram Reels ads

It is difficult to make assumptions about the true effectiveness of Reel adsإعلان: clearly, Lots of successful marketing strategy Using Instagram reels It depends on creativity and how interactive the content is from the advertisement.

Among other things, Istagram Reels have been around for a short time, and Instagram has not shared any official number about the use of Reels by users.

despite this, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri I noticed that the cucumber is growing “Both in terms of the amount of people they share and their consumption.” Mosseri also said Instagram Reels has seen a moment of momentum in India, especially since TikTok was banned last June (Source: theverge.com).

It can’t be denied It may be the novelty of Reel Ads that wins because video content has always been attractive to users; However, the monetization results for short-format videos were not very encouraging.

Famous is the status of the application vineAnd the Who focused heavily on short videos Sponsored but without being able to achieve the desired success. This is because when it comes to short videos, users can skip short format videos quickly and easily.

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Another factor to consider is that the data at hand is the competing application tik tok Notice how videos perform better when they appear as a natural result It is not in the form of a sponsored advertisement.

But Instagram Reels have undoubted advantages We cannot ignore it.

And these advantages are the reason that regardless of the care of this shape, the rollers They should play an important role in the company’s marketing strategyIt is also used by those looking to gain visibility on Instagram.

Social media, for businesses, is already One of the most effective ways to get potential clients and new clients; But if you decide to take advantage of Social, You must follow directions. Keeping up with consumers’ expectations is actually essential to the success of a social profile (and, therefore, to the success of any activity).

e Instagram Reels uses a proven and highly engaging formula to attract and engage users from Instagram. Providing fast and engaging entertainment, The Reel represents aChance Not to be missed: that for viral spread.

Also, since Reels Instagram is a recently introduced feature, Instagram invests heavily in posting format: and then sure that the algorithm on instagram Currently prefer all those accounts they post and interact regularly using i reels.

Reels Instagram: How to use it to get visibility

Instagram Reels, as favored by the algorithm, is an opportunity to exploit to reach a large audience and get more followers: this is because Followers, if done properly with high quality content, They can turn into loyal paying customers.

Another reason why Reels is suitable for increasing brand visibility and visibility is that It allows to educate the publicAnd the Show Furthermore Work values ​​and highlight what makes the brand unique Compared to the services offered by the competition.

Differentiating yourself from others with Instagram Reels allows you to start video marketing campaigns aimed at educating the audience: educated followers, in fact, have Most likely to make purchases Because they score more participation.

But why are Instagram Reels perfect for increasing engagement?

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Why It’s the content that gets consumed quickly، Message transfer (also important) Fast and attractive.

Instagram Reel: Explore section and Instagram algorithm

At this point, it is natural to ask: How does Instagram decide whether or not to display a reel in the Explore section? (Especially for those who still don’t follow the profile that created and shared the video)?

It is clear that he plays an essential role يلعب The famous Instagram algorithm. It is located around Contents ordering system Show users only the people they’re most likely to be interested in.

The selection of contents has become necessary over the years because the contents produced have become so much that most of the users often miss out on most of the interesting posts (even those of their closest contacts).

a A system that ranks posts within the feed based on the real interest of the user: Here comes the role of the algorithm.

In fact, however, Can’t talk about a single algorithm: It is more accurate to talk about the different algorithms that underlie the creation of the exploration section.

How exactly the whole process works, Instagram itself talked about it during the event Creator’s Week, which expired on June 10.

During the event, Instagram already revealed some Secrets of the famous Instagram algorithm. Specifically, it turns out that:

Instagram has no algorithm That oversees what people do and don’t see in the app. We use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and operations, each has its own purpose. We want to make the most of your time, and we think using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do that (source: Official Instagram Blog).

What are the Instagram reels shown in the Explore section?

To determine which reels deserve to be in the Explore section to display to a specific user, Instagram focuses on what may interest and entertain the user themselves.

The complex selection process that Instagram uses analyzes users’ behavior, which comments they give, which Instagram files they view in full, and which ones they comment on and/or save.

Then it is displayed to the user Contents Similar to those already enjoyed eتمتع that the same user interacted with.

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The Items used by Instagram itself Specifies what will be shown to the user in the Explore and Reels section There are four:

  1. User activity: Instragram examines what Instagram Reels the user has interacted with by liking, commenting, saving or seeing in full, to fully understand what kind of content the user likes;
  2. Interactions with the profile From Post Reel: In the Explore section, in fact, the contents shared by profiles with whom we have already interacted, not just people or brands unknown to us, are also displayed;
  3. Information on the reel: Like the audio track, as well as the popularity of Reel itself, and the hashtags used
  4. Information about the creator: Content that has already been successful with a similar audience will be viewed more easily on other topics that have not yet interacted with the respective creator. If the creator is very popular, then his file will be easily shown to more people.

Finally, The popularity of content generated by a particular profile is taken into account highly بشكل Decides whether or not to display a reel to a user who has never interacted with the originator.

finally, Instagram recently confirmed this last factor Which will determine whether to see Instagram Reels or not It’s uniqueA video created directly on Instagram will receive more visibility than a video previously shared on other social networks.

So be careful not to share Reels Instagram with TikTok watermark…

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