Rc cars and motorcycles, the obligation is also activated for those who do not use it (and keep it in the garage) –

Rc Auto, you change. Insurance will be paid even when the vehicle is not in use. Anyone who keeps a car, or any other vehicle or vehicle such as a motorcycle, in their yard or garage or on private land, should still be covered by the insurance policy. Only vehicles that are wreckage, without wheels or engines, and therefore unable to turn, are preserved. The RC car will no longer be allowed to be hung when the car is not in use. The main novelty contained in the amendments approved by the European Parliament is that EU Directive Amendment On the issue of civil liability (2009/103).

RCA rule

The European Court of Justice has repeatedly reiterated the obligation to cover a vehicle even if it is parked in a special zone. The last one was there April 29European courts exclude from the policy only vehicles that are regularly withdrawn from circulation. Today, Italian regulations do not impose an obligation to cover in special areas. Changes approved by the European Parliament – commented the President Assoutenti Furio Truzzi – They go in the opposite direction to the decisions of countries such as Germany, where it is possible to prevent the payment of the TPL auto simply by handing the license plate over to the police, if you decide not to use the car for a while, contradicting the statements of ‘Ivass and part of the insurance world, which specifically requested , due to traffic stops imposed by Covid, to obtain compensation in favor of those who were forced to pay insurance policies despite being unable to use cars.

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Scooters, the individual state decides

Regarding the duty to cover motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrian vehicles Precise electric mobility The European Union does not intend to make insurance compulsory. Generally, this will be at the discretion of individual Member States only. In this regard, Italy is taking steps to put pressure also on these vehicles which, with a high probability, must also be secured. In Parliament began Review the legislation with the chamber’s environment and transport committees that have begun examining it Amendments to the text came from Parties that had already indicated their priority proposals. Some, such as the regulation of motorcycles and bicycles, find largely unanimous agreement. The new rules will not take effect immediately: after they are formally adopted by the council and published in the Official Gazette, member states will have two years to switch.

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