RC Auto, Covid cuts accidents and premiums

Not just sales and production. The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has also affected the number of accidents, therefore, on car insurance. Save the restrictions on the movement of private vehicles in 2020 Significantly reduce the number of claims “With a sequel”, therefore, all the characters that gravitate around the world of RC cars.

According to the latest IVASS (short for “Institute of Insurance Supervision”) bulletin, there has been during the year 2020 1.6 million claimsA decrease of 30% compared to that recorded in the previous year. Total claims fees decreased by about 19% with a direct impact on the cost of auto insurance.

According to IVASS data, average premiums, net of taxes and quasi-tax fees, amounted to 320 euros, down 3.6% from the premiums motorists paid in 2019 (but They could soon be back to level up). go into detail, Cars paid an average premium of €315 in 2020 (Calculated cost net of taxes and quasi-financial fees); The average insurance premium for trucks was 527 euros, while motorcycle owners paid 217 euros.

Traffic restrictions have also had an impact on Repeat claims, which amounted to 4.4% in 2020 (two percentage points lower than the frequency recorded in the pre-Covid year). A trend was also recorded in the truck segment (the frequency goes from 6.9% in 2019 to 5.5% in 2020) and in motorcycles (in this case there is a more moderate decrease, from 3.7% to 2%, 8%).

Despite the categorically “declining” year, earnings For insurance companies there has been no retreat. In fact, the data at hand, More than double compared to 2019. According to the IVASS prospectus, the TPL car class reported a profit of €1,505 million (1.5 billion), a 135% increase over the profit recorded in 2019.

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In short, the drop in accidents has also been beneficial to insurers’ coffers, which have found themselves paying less compensation to policyholders. Also for this reason, ANIA and IVASS asked for one Reform of the insurance sector, which rewards the most loyal motorists who respect the rules of the traffic law.

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