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there BBC does not collect advertising (For channels that broadcast within the UK, while it is the case for channels that broadcast in other countries) Because it is a public service. for this reason It does not follow the same index as the Italian AuditelAs a result, its programs aim to Educate the viewerswho clearly benefit from quality programs, with adequate information, but also the teaching methods necessary to raise the cultural level of citizens.
In our country, Rai Glorious (Italian Radio and Television) is instead a hybrid because its income consists of license fees and advertisements.
The last (low), last year, amounted to about 550 million, which is not a small amount, but not much, considering that the license fee revenue – ninety euros a year – is much larger, around 1.6 billion.
This hybrid mode Negatively affects Rai programmes Because he is forced to chase down competitors who are trying to steal their viewer count, which was measured using Auditel.

never Programs that aim to get as many viewers as possible (and radio listeners of the radio) It can’t be of qualityFor the simple reason that the majority of viewers do not like to receive information that improves their cultural status, but rather shows and discursive programs that tickle the stomach instead of the head and are edible without any mental effort.
Now, it is inarguable that one cannot always stay on the drum, i.e. learn, read, see intrinsic and structural things, such as There is also a need for fun, entertainment and recreationabsolutely necessary activities. But, first, it is necessary to grow up culturally and civicly, in order to become good citizens.

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Al Rai is a limited company officially “owned” by the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Then, in order to prove that it is an independent body (but it is not), an agreement is stipulated between the state and Ray itself, where all the terms of the agreement are indicated.
There is no doubt that the purposes of the entity are determined by the owners, or by the Mef of the government, which makes the decision whether the affiliate should also carry out business activities with consequent collection of advertisements.

Behind this decision there too Voter control through multiple programs Which appear on all Nostra networks, and therefore on the hosts, their number, frequency of service talk to the prime minister, various ministers, deputy ministers and undersecretaries (there are sixty-four, an incredible number. A number!) And so on the street.

Even today, in these seventy-seven years of the Republic – but more specifically since 1954, when Rai first operated its antennas – the problem of advertising has not arisen. But now that our people have shown a certain cultural flatness – without prejudice to the extraordinary intelligence that is admired throughout the world – The government must ask itself the question of whether to continue to allow Rai to do business That is, devote oneself to improving the cultural development of citizens.

We understand that an assessment and decision of this kind would be very difficult, because it would mean on the part of the government and the majority, whoever they may be, Give up a slice of powerwhich is communication targeting citizens.
It is also true that those who rule can not only take into account their own interests, but Look away and ensure that citizens truly become one and are not left at the mercy of political storytellers. who have the habit of lying and lying, so sooner or later the lies appear as truth.

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We know that the hypothesis proposed here is unlikely. However, our long career requires us to bring it to public attention, and we also know that Rai without 550 million ads will have to deeply restructure itself.
Instead, increase the fees – which should stay in the electric bill, because tax evaders always get hit – but also add more culture and subtract entertainment.

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