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Best big company to go to work in Italy micron semiconductor: At the Agrate Brianza, Vimercate, Padua, Arzano (Aquila) and Avezzano (Naples) plants, 525 employees of US multinationals produce semiconductors and memory chips. In second place falls American Express, the financial services giant that employs more than a thousand people in our country. Biotechnology at the lowest step of the podium Abvi.
These are the companies with more than 500 employees that could be proud of the title of Best Workplace of 2022 in 2022 recognized by Good place to workThe institute is present in 62 countries around the world, at the end of a research conducted on corporate climate. The award ceremony was broadcast on Corriere.it on the afternoon of Thursday, March 31.

Other Categories

But there are not only big companies, especially in Italy where medium and small companies dominate the industrial landscape. For this reason, Gptw is equivalent to three other categories. One with a number of collaborators between 499 and 150 won it Cisco Systemsfollowed by Italian bending spoons, a former start-up with strong growth across the board, from turnover to collaborators (216). It is placed in the third step sales force With the American parent company: a company that has provided innovative and widespread digital marketing solutions.
In the third category (from 50 to 149 people) dominance Biogen Which confirms the success of the last version, but above all, it has been at the top of the rankings for ten consecutive years. they follow Sidea . group And the Insight Technology Solutions, Active in IT consulting. Finally, the small business group consists almost entirely of start-ups (10 to 49 employees) freeis an online language learning platform founded by Giacomo Moiso and Claudio Bosco. next one, NEBULAB and STORESActive between e-commerce and digital marketing.

The Great Place to Work survey will be in-depth with winning companies’ stories and analysis on the world of work and its challenges Monday at L’Economia on newsstands free of charge with Corriere. Other insights online in private Companies and individuals are the best companies to work for

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