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Everything is in place. All things in place. This song started with “Kid A”, the landmark album by radio chief Mixing post-rock, electronic rock and intelligent dance music. An apt title to describe Novak Djokovic’s success at the 2023 Australian Open, with the Serb returning to world number one after more than seven months.

Knoll was eliminated from the number one spot in the world rankings on June 13, a week after Roland Garros 2022. In that tournament he had to surrender in the quarter-finals of Rafael Nadal, who may have experienced the last two weeks of great tennis in his career. But a few weeks ago he was briefly knocked out of the top: In both cases it was Daniil Medvedev who interrupted his “dictatorship”, and then bypassed the Russian Carlos Alcaraz. Meanwhile, Null Antique finished in fifth place overall. In practice, only one major tournament has ever been played.

2022 has been a very special year for Djokovic. His opposition to the Covid-19 vaccine did not allow him to be at the 2022 Australian Open (With all the “vaccine case” welcome back) Nor at the 2022 US Open. Two tournaments in which opponents collected results, while the Serb could not defend the 3,200 points he won the previous year. Moreover, the matter of Wimbledon also stands in our way, which disqualified Russian and Belarusian tennis players, and in response ended up, for the ATP, a friendly tournament. That’s another 2,000 pips lost, so let’s go up to 5,200.

The Novak Djokovic seen in these two weeks gives the impression that he is still the man to beat on the world tennis scene. We are not saying that with his presence we would not have witnessed the miracle of Rafa Nadal in Australia and the consecration of Carlos Alcaraz in the United States, but we would probably still have the Serb ranked first in the world. Not bad for him: Despite the winding road, he’s back where he deserved to be, like it or not. At the top of the world ranking of professional tennis players.

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