Ramsey and Wells Bill go to the World Cup

Wales-Ukraine, match report and statistics

Wales – Ukraine, Ramsay, Ampadu and Malinowski on the field

There is RamseyReturning to Juventus after a six-month loan to Rangers, and Ampadu From Venice in the middle of the field – with Allen and James – posted by Page: The defense line to protect Hennessy consists of Roberts, Davis, Rodon and Williams, while Moore and Bale complete the Welsh coach 4-4-2. Petrakov’s response is 4-1-4-1 with Pushchan in goal and Stepanenko in the middle ahead of Karavaev, Zabarny, Matvienko, Mykolenko and Yarmolenko, Atalantin MalinovskyAnd the star of City Zinchenko and Tsygankov behind the attacking station Yaremchuk.

Wales – Ukraine 1-0 in the 45th minute: Yarmolenko’s goal decides

Ukraine wants to make its people happy and after only 3 minutes Zinchenko surprises everyone Straight from a free kick, mocked by Hennessy, bent on giving directions to the barrier. Because of the disciplinary sanctions imposed on Allen and James, however, the whistleThe referee was forced to cancel 1-0. Malinowski then goes to serve, a malicious shot, but it is blocked by the goalkeeper, who owns Burnley. In Cardiff City, it rains heavily, but the weather conditions do not frighten the Ukrainian public in the stands, nor the host national team on the field, which returns to the sting with Yarmashuk in the 10th minute. To give a shock to his team, Gareth Bale made an attempt from a distance in the 21st minute did not Not having the desired effects, of a completely different kind, however, was Karavaev, who fired a penalty on the move, before he even started. He was prevented from a second chance offered to him by a rebound. While Buchan worries coach Petrakov, Tsygankov – in an offside recognizable only at the end of the procedure – devours the advantage (29 min), then in exactly half an hour Hennessey is first overcome on the stone from the edge of Zinchenko, and then closes the mirror in front of Tsygankov with a brave exit near a small area. The result changed in the 34th minute: a free kick for Bale without major claims, Yarmolenkotrying to send the ball into the corner, He beats his goalkeeper with an unlucky header Which equals 1-0 for Wales. Crucial moment in the 40th minute: Yarmolenko clearly expects Allen, who has already warned, to try to delay the ball hitting the winger with his full expiration date with West Ham. The action continues, Hennessy blocks Zinchenko’s powerful corner kick, Suddenly, Farr’s examination ends up confirming the referee’s decisionthe Spanish for possessions.

Johnson’s share, Hennessy Show: Ramsey Wells at the World Cup

The restart takes place without changes and after only three turns of the hand Wells fails to double down massively: Moore broke through to the left and put a golden ball in the middle, but Ramsey opens the board too much and sends the ball to the billboards. The rushing energies during the first half and challenging court conditions mean the rhythms drop as the minutes go by, but from Yarmolenko’s fire. Ukraine is one step away from 1-1: Mikolenko sends Tsygankov in the middle, Ampadu misses the defense, and Hennessy saves his team with a miraculous kick (55). At 59 minutes, Zinchenko and Malinovsky drew and placed the soccer ball Yarmolenko alone in front of the Welsh goalkeeper, which was saved by Davis’ unusual slip. The Petrakov boys attack with their heads down and in the 66th minute the attacking midfielder Atalanta – who will soon make way for Shabarenko – holds his breath for a few seconds at Cardiff City: with his left hand does not frame the mirror, but . Time passes, the pressure from Ukraine gradually decreases with the troops, and a quarter of an hour after the end the hosts fool themselves in vain to put a serious mortgage on the challenge: first Johnson, as soon as he entered, reached the positionand then Buchan is the author of Super Review on Bill. Two minutes later, it’s time to let go of the fear, the Petrakov boys dangerously return to the Hennessy parts: if Yarmolenko – from an attractive position – hits another shutdown by Davis, Karavaev errs with the not-so-simple pressure of his head. Paige sees his team in difficulty and calls Bale next to him on the bench, throws Wilson into the fight and moves to a tighter 5-4-1, but in the 83rd minute Hennessy’s new miracle, at the helm of the superb Dubbeck (on a pitch from 6′ instead of Yaremchuk), to maintain the measure advantage and with it the hope of returning Wales to the World Cup, 64 years after their last historic qualification. I hope it turns out to be a reality, because forcing the last guest – which translates into missed chances by Mikolenko and Yarmolenko – does not change the 1-0 result, which remains frozen until the end of the five minutes of redemption decided by the referee.

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