Rally Australia 2002 – Colin McRae and Derek Ranger welcome the thrill back (video)

The penultimate round of the 2002 season sees the crews participating in Difficult trip to AustraliaAll this after only two weeks of the same challenge Raleigh New Zealand.

Looks like the season now doesn’t have much to say Marcus Gronholm and the Peugeot that made long ago all of them global practices. However, the Australian landscape is one of the most beautiful and unique World Rally Championship, with some clips about the workouts that are equally amazing, so the emotions may never end.

In addition to The framework offered by the bidAnother reason to be concerned about attention Grandma in Ford, focus no 5 Especially. On the rear windows next to Colin McCray Already there new name, but long-term acquaintances. In fact, Colin’s name no longer appears next to him Nikki Greste But the white letters after the Scottish flag indicate a return to the past, and are already recited Derek Ranger.

From Grist, Derek returns, Colin himself

Relationship between Coleen and Nikki Yes they are already too cold In the latest versions, though Two consecutive victories in a Greece and all SafariUnique season heights with much bass, It’s obvious how Colin did need a kick To try to restore speed and calm.

to explain how The British duo are no longer cohesive There is actually Colin’s scathing remarks At the end of a special stage of Germany. When asked for clarification by a journalist on 10 seconds from a penalty kick On SS9, McRae sarcastically answers that to get the answer”We should ask the Welsh sorcerer.”, and we know that when the British begin to stress the exact origins of the “national” of the United Kingdom, It never discourages.

in New Zealand, after the lackluster performance of Sanremo, Grist blatantly misses a note This caused the focus crew to get out of the way and withdraw. Colin’s reaction leaves little doubt about the temperament of the Scotsman, and colorful expression The one with which Greste is addressed suggests that the two have somehow come to the end of the line.

So Nikki Greest came out For the next Australian appointment, back to the appropriate seat for Derek Ranger. However, Colin seems to have stayed the same in recent releases, and Hard to find rhythm On dusty Australian specials on day one. In the middle of the second day of competition, the Scotsman sits sixth behind the leader by about a minute and a half GronholmEven though he hasn’t won a special award yet However, it begins to approach earlier times.

Special fifteenth is the second syllable on the Morsek, Experience Featured by jumping through the gate At a very fast pace. the passage It is one of the most exciting and special racesAnd as always, speaking of entertainment, Colin does not miss being present. The Scotsman is already performing in One of the most exciting clips That would mark his repertoire. The car comes out of the jump raised with the rear, with a muzzle that crawls for several meters on the ground when the machine is in an almost vertical position.

In the end, Colin was able to get back on four wheels ringer that after After I lost my notebook Attempts to resume recording notes. The two will finish the exam, but They will not go further. A hard landing has already occurred I damaged the coolantWithout the radiator, the two of them can do nothing but retreat.

For Ringer, it was a file Back with suspense So, Colin McCray’s perfect style After all. Just to make your friend understand it too Six years later The things They haven’t changed much. As Derek Ringer himself said a few years later.

Well, nothing has changed, right? [ride] I was really happy to be back, we’ve always been a great team. You know I was so happy to be a part of it again.

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