Raleigh, Subaru Colin McRae and Carlos Sainz found in a barn in Australia

The Subaru Impreza was designed by Team Prodrive to unleash the assault on the world title. Successful mission in 1995 with the British who died in 2007. Discovery thanks to the farm owner

It is almost impossible to find a needle in a haystack. However, there are those who have discovered a true four-wheeled gem in a hangar. This is the case of a barn owner in Victoria, Australia, who came across a 1994 Prodrive Subaru Impreza. The car appeared in good condition despite its inactivity, and was recently auctioned by Lloyds Auctions for an exceptional amount: $360,000 (about $305 thousand) . Also thanks to the history of this car, which is driven by rally aces like Carlos Sainz and Colin McRae.

Historic car

This Subaru competed in the 1994 WRC. That season, Team Prodrive took second place in the constructors’ standings, behind Toyota, having established themselves in Greece, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The same model allowed McCray to win his only world title the following year, ahead of teammate Sainz. The car was then recalled in 1996 and ended up for sale. And since then he fell into the hands of three owners, the last of whom left her in a barn in Victoria.

value recording

Subaru made history for another reason, too. After the first note, in which the car was estimated at 15,000-20,000 dollars (13-17 thousand euros), it was reassessed by International Classic Automobile Authentication (Icaars) and sold at auction for 360,000 dollars. This is the highest amount a rally car has been sold for. It broke the previous record, which belongs to another Subaru, the Impreza Wrc7 also driven by McRae. The car has not been definitively restored and still bears some signs of its glorious past. In addition to the original blue color, it is distinguished by a 2-liter boxer engine and a manual gearbox.

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