Rakuten TV has launched 21 new channels in Italy, France and Spain

New channels include Radio Italia Trend, Pants, BFC Forbes, Cuore Ribelle, Italian Fishing TV and Brindiamo! Channel with Ornella Fado and Filmrise Sci-Fi

There are 21 new channels Rakuten TV Announced Italy, France and Spain. The VOD platform therefore launches new channels with the aim of expanding into what it considers to be ‘key regions’.

The memo states that the new additions will provide a wide range of entertainment options including lifestyle, nature, movies, animation, music and culture. All channels are available immediately or will be launched in the coming months.

Channels launched in Italy

In Italy, seven new channels will be added to the platform, focusing on cinema and television, business, sports and lifestyle: Radio Italy Trend, Short, BFC Forbes, Coeur Rebel, Italian Fish TV, Brindiamo! Channel with Ornella Fado and Filmrise Sci-Fi.

Radio Italy trend

Radio Italy Trend: 24 hours of music programming dedicated to the best indie music, rap, rap and new trends. A container designed to intercept the musical tastes of the new generations who immediately showed their appreciation for the selection and constant updating of the channel. Coez, Salmo, Ariete are just some of the artists in attendance at the schedule with their videos.


Short Films is the world’s first and only channel and network dedicated to short films. With over 13,000 films, Shorts has the world’s largest catalog of high-quality short film screenings, including live-action films, award-winning animated shorts, and star-studded documentaries. From content offerings and various distribution/licensing deals to revealing Academy Award-nominated shorts for over 16 years, Shorts strives to amplify the voices of filmmakers around the world.

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BFC Forbes

BFC Forbes is a TV channel for the business community with a schedule full of very useful programmes. Spectators have the opportunity to hear insights from guest voices from our original productions on topics of great interest such as finance, corporate social responsibility, the space economy, innovation and sustainable mobility. Each week presents 15 “first insights” and a timeline capable of meeting the needs of our audience, analyzing today’s events and anticipating future trends.

rebel heart

Cuore Ribelle is the linear channel dedicated to the Spanish TV series Cuore Ribelle (Bandolera). The series takes place in Andalusia in the late nineteenth century, and stars the Spanish actress, Marta Hazas.

Italian fishing TV

Italian Fishing TV is the premier channel entirely dedicated to the world of sport fishing. His goal is to instill and spread a passion for fishing with all its techniques: at sea, from a boat, in fresh water. In each episode, you can experience the feelings of a fishing trip and discover the secrets of the best professionals sitting comfortably on your sofa.

Let’s toast! channel

Let’s toast! The channel, with Ornella Fado, is a television channel dedicated to Italy. With a great selection of Brindiamo Show episodes! Filmed in English with Italian subtitles, the program is a journey to discover the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in New York City and the United States, with specials from Italy, Bermuda and Canada.

The schedule includes the new format “My Gifted Friends”, dedicated to the friends of broadcaster Ornella Fado, who have excelled in their arts.

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A series of documentaries dedicated to Italian culture. Interviews with distinguished chefs, artists, actors and singers.

Filmrise Sci-Fi

Filmrise Sci-Fi is the channel dedicated to the most popular film series Filmrise Sci-Fi: Andromeda and Mutant X. The former follows Captain Dylan Hunt and the rookie crew of Andromeda who set out on a mission to rebuild the Commonwealth of 300 systems. Years after his fall. The second film tells the story of a runaway geneticist, and four of his “creations” search for others of his kind as they try to stay one step ahead of a morally obscure government agent.

The new international and multi-channel agreements represent a further commitment to Rakuten TV’s strategy to enhance the provision of free, ad-supported local content in partnership with leading European content creators.

What is Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is part of the consolidated Rakuten Advertising group, where advertisers can purchase media across a variety of channels. Drawing on proprietary data and extensive audience knowledge, Rakuten Advertising and Rakuten TV offer brands a unique discovery capability that combines the targeting and tracking capabilities of digital formats with the advantages of television.

Linear Rakuten TV channels can currently be accessed for free on the Rakuten TV app on select Samsung, LG and Vestel Smart TV devices. Users can easily operate the application with a single click through the branded button on the remote control and the pre-installed application.

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