Rakuten TV ends its deal with Alchimie

The alliance will allow users to enjoy Luxe TV, HUMANITY, Motorsport TV, MMA TV and Krime.

Rakuten TV Made an agreement with Alchimie to launch a Wide range of thematic channels on the platform. With this agreement, Rakuten TV expands its offering to free channels with advertising support.

New additions to Rakuten TV’s programming improve the delivery of lifestyle, sports and entertainment content. HUMANITY, Luxe TV, MMA TV, Big Names, Motorsport TV, Télézap, Explore by TVPlayer and Krime will be available in multiple regions in 42 countries from Rakuten TV. Also available is L’Atelier des Chefs, which has already launched as part of the expansion of Rakuten TV’s new cooking channels. More Alchimie channels will be added to the Rakuten TV portfolio in the near future.

“This alliance with Alchimie is another milestone in our European expansion and reaffirms our commitment to providing relevant content to all audiences,” he said. Teresa Lopez, responsible for the contents of the Rakuten TV channel. Thanks to the diversity of content on the Alchimie channels, our offer has become more complete, with a wide range of possibilities for all tastes, from documentaries to gastronomy or sports.

“We are pleased that Rakuten TV has chosen Alchimie as a partner. Our extensive catalog includes a selection of premium content in multiple languages, so Alchimie is in an excellent position to offer Rakuten TV-themed entertainment channels with high-quality content in local languages.” Nicholas DehoebeCEO of Alchimie.

  • humanity (Available in UK, Ireland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Italy) Shows real-life documentaries, dramas and lectures on the challenges and problems facing society today, from the technological revolution, to geopolitics, to climate change and spirituality.
  • Explore TVPlayer Viewers (Available in Spain, UK, Ireland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg) you will be able to explore the mysteries of our planet, oceans and space on an incredible journey through space and time.
  • Sports fans will enjoy MMA TV (in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Italy) e Motorsports TV (in France, Belgium and Luxembourg). With mixed martial arts becoming increasingly popular, viewers of the MMA TV channel will be sharing a sports experience with the new generation of fighters. Motorsports enthusiasts will have access to the latest car and racing news.
  • luxury tv (Available in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, UK and Ireland) Offers an approach to luxury, with dedicated fine arts programs, including luxury cars, jewellery, fashion, travel and lifestyle.
  • through the channel crimes (Available in France, Belgium and Luxembourg) Mystery lovers can immerse themselves in hours of investigations, crimes and unsolved cases.
  • big name (Available in Italy) Contains special characters from Who’s Who. The public will have access to fascinating biographies that trace the history of the great names of mankind.
  • Telezap (Available in France, Belgium and Luxembourg) It will allow viewers to follow their favorite TV shows and provide an overview of the most memorable moments on TV today.
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Rakuten TV is part of the established Rakuten Advertising portfolio, which allows brands and agencies to place ads on a variety of channels. Building on their own data and broad audience knowledge, brands benefit from a unique opportunity to combine segmentation and tracking of digital formats with the benefits of television.

Linear Rakuten TV channels are part of Free platform service, it’s currently Available on Samsung and LG Smart TVs in 42 European countries. Users can easily access the app via the dedicated button on the remote control and via the pre-installed app.

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