Rain of Checks by Revenue Agency: Nobody Escapes in May | How do they work

No one will be left out: the Revenue Agency is ready to launch a massive series of checks to combat tax evasion. And in a new way that really allows you to reach out to everyone and get rid of the tax evaders. thus

The aim is to drastically reduce the phenomenon that is widespread in ItalyEvading social security contributions. By putting in place a whole series of useful tools for tracking down tax evaders: the Revenue Agency is in fact ready to launch a new intensive series of comprehensive checks to counter the phenomenon of tax evasion, an activity that is constantly conducted but that will be enriched with new tools useful for this purpose.

Anti-tax evasion and revenue agency controls: how they work
Rain of checks from the Revenue Agency (Ilovetrading.it)

in 2021 both Supervision of current accounts that Shuffle scale But it doesn’t end there because the goal is to make the controls not only tighter but also more automatic, so that no one ever escapes. Combine traditional tools and other “research” methods. No one will be left behind, from the freelancers to businesses, professionals to the retired and even the unemployed.

Fighting evasion, rain checks by the Revenue Agency: details

with the Supervision of current accounts The average level of savings is verified both in checking and deposit accounts but also on cards (credit and debit) and again in mutual funds and stock deposits. If the amounts are found to be inconsistent with the declared income and the mismatch between the average deposit and the expenses incurred is ascertained, the taxpayer may be subject to an assessment who will have to explain and prove that he has not committed any violations.

Revenue agency controls
Tools put in place to track down tax evaders (Ilovetrading.it / Fonte Ansa)

Insofar as the suspicion will feed against him that there may be undisclosed earnings to the IRS. Just as effective Shuffle scale This will allow access to current account data and cross-reference this information with that in the tax return. The evaluation also includes the opening and closing balances for the year as well as the monthly inflows and outflows and average balances in the account.

Do you think it ended here? not exactly. There are many new tools developed for Control of tax evasion. There are three variables at play to catch tax evaders: first and foremost facilitating and promoting electronic payments by working on and reducing transaction costs; Then a clear tightening of penalties, and finally a plan for reform and simplification of taxes. In this sense, cashback is indeed an essential tool in itself for you to keep track of conduct transactions.

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