Railroad: The train driver has to run to the bathroom, the train is delayed and investigated

Today’s somewhat “surreal” news comes from Japan, A country where keeping train times is a must.

According to reports from local agencies, one driver Shinkansen Yes it will Absent for 3 minutes to go to the bathroom Leave the controller alone in the cockpit. For this 36-year-old driver of a Japanese high speed train He underwent investigation.

Man, got caught Sudden stomach ache, Worthy Run to the bathroomHe left the chair to another railroad worker who did not have training or permission to act. The latter, the company is quick to say, did not touch the controls anyway.

The internal investigation was due to the fact that the train, which this weekend transported 160 people from Tokyo to Osaka, arrived at its destination with “Hassan”. One minute delay.

“Shame” that He raised an internal investigation And come to the roof. In fact, the Shinkansen are known for their punctuality and safety. At the time of the driver’s temporary defection, the convoy was traveling at a speed of about 150 km / h.

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