Rail chaos in Germany, “was sabotaged” – the world

Chaos on German railways in northern Germany due to a problem with the international mobile phone system for rail communications (GSMR). The problem will be solved but the German railways announced it was “sabotage”, As reported by Dpa. Bild wrote online that the system’s cables “were in fact intentionally stolen or destroyed.”
The newspaper cited security sources as saying that there was no evidence of the perpetrators. Those affected are The states of Bremen, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holsteinas Deutsche Bahn wrote on Twitter.
“Due to the sabotage of cables essential to rail traffic, Deutsche Bahn was forced to stop trading for three hours in the north before lunch,” a Deutsche Bahn spokeswoman said. The problem affected the Global System for Mobile Communications – Rail (GSMR) cables, which “serve the communication between the command centers guiding the trains and the trains themselves”. Both short-distance rail and long-distance rail traffic were affected. The issue has been resolved, but the effects on rail traffic remain, with delays and inconveniences for users.

premeditated act. German Interior Minister Nancy Wieser confirms the impact of the sabotage, in a note, commenting on a railway block this morning in northern Germany. “We must believe that the conditions which impeded the railway traffic for several hours depended on a premeditated fact – as the statement reads -.” In two places, cables essential to rail traffic were damaged. The matrix of what happened is not clear yet. The Federal Police is investigating under great pressure.”

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