RAI (Regional Tax) charges increase but there are two ways to stop paying it

The RAI fee from next year will come out of the bill because the EU has said the tax cannot be collected through the electricity bill.

However, RAI is very demanding a plus of fees. RAI is asking for a fee increase for two reasons.


First of all, with the rising costs associated with inflation, a fee of 90 euros is no longer enough for public television, but also another reason.

Powerful Increases

When the fee was collected through the invoice, it was impossible for Italians to evade this tax, and therefore RAI collected it in a completely safe manner.


But with the fees that come out of the bill Evasion will revert back to being as strong as it was in the past, and so the Rai fears that many Italians will end up not paying the fee. Thus he wants a raise in the pay himself to defend himself against this. However, there are now two legal ways And make absolutely sure you don’t pay the RAI license fee. Next year, the RAI license fee will likely become a regional tax, although this is not yet certain. In any case, Italians now have two ways not to pay the RAI license fee in a legal way.

ways not to pay

The first method is to download from the RAI website Specific application in which no fee waiver is requested RAI precisely because there are no televisions in the house. In fact, if you don’t have TVs at home, you can actually be exempt from the RAI fee. In this case, the application must be submitted by January 1, 2023 He will be exempted from paying the stamp duty for 2023. In fact, this is an application that must be submitted annually. Obviously, the drawback of this request is that you don’t actually have to have TVs in your house, otherwise you’re declaring a fake to the taxman.

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So you can avoid Canon and watch TV

But there are some Italians who may not legitimately pay the RAI license fee While continuing to watch TV. In fact, seniors with low ISEE can be exempted from the RAI fee while still getting televisions at home. In any case, consumer protection associations argue that the fees will likely actually rise as of next year.

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