Rai license, state TV can also tax smartphones

It seems that state TV is ready to tax even those who own a smartphone, even though there is no TV. Let’s get into the details and see what happens.

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Now found in almost all homes, the television It turned out to be one of the most widespread and appreciated means of communication. Thanks to this device, in fact, we have the possibility to rely on different types of information, such as current news, as well as entertainment or sports. In order to be able to watch the different channels, you must necessarily pay a fee Rai license fee.

The latter, as is well known, is loaded directly into law Project, assuming that in homes where there is an electrical consumer connected, there is at least one television. But not only that, nowadays it is possible to communicate with different transmissions also through different portable devices. This is where the shipping suggestion is displayed Rai license fee Even for those who, despite not having a TV, have one smart phone. How is that possible? Let’s get into the details and see what we can know about it.

Rai canon, state TV ready to tax smartphones, tablets and computers: what you need to know

Since 2016, the Rai license fee has been paid throughDirect deduction on the electricity bill in monthly installments. This was decided, as it is easy to guess, with the aim of preventing many taxpayers from not paying the tax in question. On the basis of this procedure, as already mentioned, there is an assumption that in the homes of families with a connected electric user, there is at least one TV. At the same time, thanks to the use of special applications, it is also possible to watch Rai programs from Smartphones, tablets or computers.

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The last possibility that did not pass unnoticed in my eyesFor Ray Carlo Fortez Which proposed in this regard to extend the payment of fees for these devices as well. Indeed, while speaking at the Supervisory Committee on October 12, Rai CEO drew attention to the fact that investments are at risk if there is no guarantee of resources. Regarding the latter, in particular, he complained about the lack of resources coming from taxpayers.

In his opinion, if it was true that the fees in the invoice made it possible to reduce tax evasion from 27% to 3%, on the other hand, the fee was reduced even more than the proportions, bringing it down to the current €90. But not only that, Fortes emphasized how RAI fees are affected by higher discounts through franchise tax. Exactly for this reason Only 86% of the amount paid by users reaches the company’s coffers.

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Hence, Rai CEO requested a reduction in the franchise fee, Increase fee amount and allowing Ray access to funds for publication. At the same time, he asked for it Fee extension for all electronic devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. At the moment, as mentioned earlier, it is only a suggestion and nothing has been decided on yet. All that remains is to wait and see if the Rai license fee payment will be extended to mobile devices.

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