Rai license fee: This is how the TV tax could change to become regional in 2023

Big news awaits us regarding Rai license fees, but the first thing to know is that no, it won’t be revoked soon. Also in 2023, we will have to pay the old tax on TV possession, despite the fact that some politicians often like the possibility of willingly abolishing it.

Rai license fee, 23/7/2022 –

Certainly Payment method will change Given that the European Union has asked the Italian government to eliminate the excellent trick presented by the Renzi government, which allowed the introduction of the opinion fee directly into the electric bill, Hence the preference for large-scale push and cunning confrontation. However, Brussels considered this measure “illegal”, and therefore a new method of collecting this tax must be introduced for the next year. As it turns out, the government seems to be thinking about it regionalization of rai cartoons, In doing so, not everything will be managed by the state but specifically by the provinces, and the news has been given on the occasion of the submission of a report Curicum Veneto. However, this would not be entirely new given that there are the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano in Italy, which already administer the tax on TV ownership independently.

Rai license fee, 23/7/2022 -
Rai license fee, 23/7/2022 –

Are Rai Fees Become Regional? Here are the rumors of the past few hours

“There is also a wealth of professionalism as well as advanced technologies – these are the words of the head of Corecom Lombardia – so we say it is possible to imagine a public radio, television and multimedia system operated on a regional basis supported, for example, with a portion of the revenue from television license fees paid by the citizens of Venice “. The head of the Veneto Regional Council added that “some regional councils, Lombardy for example, A specific law is already being established And I think the Veneto could face a similar path.” But what will happen in short, will anything change compared to the current payment? At the moment, it is difficult to find an answer to this question, and even about it To any increase or decrease everything is silent. In short, only the collection system must be changed, which will no longer be the responsibility of the state but the responsibility of individual regions: we will see if this novelty will actually be implemented.

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