Rai fees, whoever of this age can stop paying it

The television ownership tax enjoys some exemptions. Including the demographic factor

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Rai Fee is the tax levied on people who own a TV or other device that has a tuner in it. It’s a kind of disguised tax since citizen The tax is payable for the services of the radio and television broadcasters of Al-Rai.

2022 will be the last year for a Rai license fee to be billed. In fact, due to interference by A committee European Union, the tax can no longer be linked to the electricity bill. The Commission reminded Italy that this method is inconsistent with European agreements on competition.

Age opinion fee that guarantees exemption

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In fact, it is incorrect to include charges in the invoice because it is an irrelevant cost law ProjectNo electricity. Because incorrect charges are prohibited due to agreements also signed by Italy 2023 There will be no fee in the electric bill.

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Fee waivers or waivers in some cases. Among them is the demographic factor. In fact, those who have accomplished 75 years and have an ISEE not exceeding 8000 euros is heard from paying the tax on possession of the TV. An additional benefit is offered to the elderly who do not exceed certain incomes.

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about it revenue agency Summarize: Citizens who have reached the age of 75, with an annual income not exceeding the total income of their own and their spouses 8000 EUR and without cohabitants who have their own income (excluding local collaborators, home aides and caregivers), they can file an alternate declaration (section one of the specified form) certifying that they meet the requirements for exemption from paying television fees.”

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