Rai Fee, here are the consequences if you don’t pay it

Rai license fee, what are the consequences for a taxpayer who decides not to pay it? Let’s see in detail what happens.

It was 2016, when the current government decided To include payment of the Rai license fee on the invoice.

One check in the preliminary investigation
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And at a time when the bills, due to excess power, have become the nightmare of Italians, Many are wondering if this will happen again in 2022. And why also not pay the rai fee in this case, according to some taxpayers they immediately end up in arrears. Furthermore it, Do you have to pay it even if the TV is damaged? This is what the law says.

Rai license fee, what happens if you don’t pay it on your bill

The question is not small, Because the Sharia law is not fulfilled Specifically translates to not paying the entire bill. And at this point, because of this, there will be a first warning 15 percent energy reduction, then a registered formal notice letter. In fact, it should be clarified that this does not happen if the Rai license fee is not paid.

But let’s go in order. Currently the fee About 90 euros per yearwhich are included in the energy utility bill. In the event that there are arrears on this individual item, the Electricity Company will take care To send a specific communication to the Revenue Agency.

Usually, at that point, Investigations will be conducted by the same office. If the taxpayer fails to provide valid reasons for not paying the fee, the penalty will be triggered.

You have to pay it even in cases of TV failure

It is good for citizens to know that the device is not working For example, it is not a good legal justification for not paying the fee. This is also the case if the TV is unable to intercept the signal. The revenue agency will then arrange a deadline for paying the amount owed for the fine. At this point, Ader will have the traditional tax mortgage tools, That can be transferred from the parking lot to the foreclosure on the current account.

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