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Rai 2023 fee is out of the bill and within 730?

The Rai license fee amount should soon disappear from the items mentioned in Electricity bill Starting in 2023. A few days ago a agenda Presented by Maria Laura Baxia (Mixed Group) to the energy decree approved by the Chamber. The agenda was first accepted by the government recommendation And then received it paraphrasing.

However, the new method of fee payment is still being discussed and seen Various hypotheses are on the table. There are those who suggest following French model and who is this Israeliwhile others are talking about Collection through debt collection agencies As it happens for example in United kingdom And Swiss.

Rai license fees in the invoice since 2016

If the government chooses to move toward disengagement from the bill, The fees will definitely not go away (Here you will find details on Who needs to apply for waivers again for 2022). However, it should become “lighter” for taxpayers in 2023, about 90 euros less per year on average. Not a little, given the current economic inflation affect the energy sector.

Rai license fee Payable on your bill from 2016, after a much-discussed decision made by the Renzi government. Until 2015, it was possible to pay it by postal order, from a cigarette seller or by phone with a credit or debit card. However, at that time, the expenses can only be divided into one annual ratein two installments midterm or four installments my quarter.

So we can go back to 2023 previous model, obviously with new payment systems, such as PagoPa and the ability to pay more in installments due, as shown here. The hypothesis of “voluntary” payment that could fuel the phenomenon of tax evasion. In the past, the latter was close to 30%, resulting in a shortage of rai coffers of hundreds of millions of euros each year.

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From the French model to the English model: applicable hypotheses

Currently the hypotheses and alternatives regarding the payment of fees are the most diverse (Here you will find the news contained in the law decree). The first in the list is to “copy” the current position in France, where the item was offset with a first home surcharge, with payment being made between November 15 and 25 each year. Then there is the possibility of converting the rent into a tax on car ownership according to the established form Israel. or pledge tax collection to credit recovery companies as in kingdom united or in Swiss.

Always staying abroad, there is also a possibility that seems to be the least feasible in Italy: farewell fee. It is the path I took among other things SwedenAnd NorwayAnd FinlandAnd BelgiumAnd Dutch And Spain. In these countries, a more direct mechanism is adopted, according to which the state decides on the amount of funds needed by public networks and allocates them directly. In our case, Ray would be the recipient of a government check of approximately €1,630 million.

Payment was entered at 730?

The cancellation of the opinion fee from the electricity bill responds to requests submitted byEuropean Unionthat determines the sound “improper burden”, As it is not related to energy consumption. Basically an intruder, where it shouldn’t be.

That is why among the payment hypotheses, the one he wishes to verify Enter TV tax in the 730 . menu. Whatever the final solution, it will first have to pass through the parliamentary debate on Next budget law.

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