Radioactive capsule lost along the way It’s not the plot of the movie, but the terrible truth

Some carriers lost a radioactive capsule in the middle of the way: it is very small, but very dangerous.

a A very dangerous and radioactive capsule has been lost on the street: sounds like the beginning of a sci-fi movie, even if it’s completely comical, but unfortunately it’s the reality of the facts.
News that instantly made the rounds around the world and Sow panicEspecially for the residents who live near the place of the loss.

The world is full of people who manage, move and work with Radioactive materialsbut despite endless safety regulations, these near-tragic events can always happen.
Searches for the discovery of the capsule have already begun, but to dateIt should be of utmost interest.

Unfortunately, radioactive material is no joke and we all remember what happened at Chernobyl in 1986.
In this case, fortunately, the story is less catastrophic, but still a potentially dangerous one for all of those who will inadvertently approach this capsule.

It’s the same size as a coin: impossible to find

The real tragedy of this episode is not that I lost it, but that it would be really difficult if not impossible grandfather.
This is because the missing radioactive capsule is the same size as the radioactive capsule small coin: 6 mm from length to 8 mm from height.

Apparently, this very small capsule was fitted inside a mining sensor Who by a series of unfortunate events separated himself from his support.
The small capsule, which is shaped like a metal cylinder, is then passed into a hole He ended up on the road along the desert.

Although it is very small, it is actually very dangerous because it contains cesium 137which is a radioactive isotope of the alkali metal cesium that forms primarily as a by-product of nuclear fission.
This radioactive material is also used in mining to check the thickness of minerals and the flow of fluids.

A radioactive little cylinder, but very dangerous

Fortunately, here in Italy we can rest easy that the little radioactive capsule got lost near the Western Australian desert.
The little capsule got lost on a long journey 1400 km that separates the city Perth From the mining site to which the truck carrying the sensor was heading.

The Australian authorities have already taken into account the risk of not being able to find it again due to all the factors we have already mentioned: the very small size, the very long voyage and above all the fact that it is a very dangerous substance.
without the necessary precautions Even getting close to that is risky.

The size of the radioactive capsule compared to the size of a 10-cent coin | picture Australian Emergency Department

Western Australian authorities and medical staff have already sent a number of recommendations to local residents: Stay at least 5 meters away If you see a capsule-like body.
Even just one hour of exposure to one meter of capsule is equivalent Exposure to X-rays.

Prolonged contact with this capsule can cause skin burns And in the worst case, even evolve crabs to the organism.
Australian security teams have already left in search of the capsule and who knows if they will be able to find it.

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