Radioactive capsule leaked in Australia, what we know and why it’s dangerous

Research continues in Australia A small radioactive capsule that has been misplaced After a truck trip from a western mine to Perth.

The container, which is only 8 mm long and 6 mm in diameter, is filled with cesium-137, a particularly dangerous substance because of the radiation it emits (equal to 10 X-rays every hour). Close exposure can cause burns and severe discomfort.

It is no coincidence that the Australian authorities called on the population, in the event that the capsule was discovered by citizens, to maintain a distance of at least five meters and leave as soon as possible. On the other hand, there should not be a serious exposure of a person passing by in the car, because it is likely to happen.

It is believed that vibrations from the road during the flight loosened the container, used to measure the amount of iron in Rio Tinto’s Guinai-Marie mine, which contained the capsule in question, which was present at the time of arrival. Verity was found with bolts and screws removed.

The search seems especially difficult, especially since the truck has traveled more than 1,400 kilometers from the mine in the northwest to the outskirts of Perth, where the destination depot is located. The authorities comb from north to south along the way, and many state departments are involved in the process: the police, the Ministry of Defense, the Organization for Nuclear Science and Technology, the Agency for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Security.

According to the first official indications, the authorities hope to check the entire journey within five days, having covered 660 kilometers at the moment.

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