Radicchio, if you have these diseases it is best to avoid them: the effects are very serious

Radicchio is a healthy and purifying vegetable, but in some cases it can get very dangerous: here’s what to watch out for more.

Radicchio, especially in its red variety, is one of the most precious vegetables that nature offers us. In ancient times it was known as chicory, but today, thanks to the many baits produced by man, it has become one of the richest vegetables in our region.

If you have these diseases, don’t eat radicchio –

Radicchio has many beneficial properties for the body

Born as the food of the poor, today it is a typical delicacy above all northern regions. there Trevigiana variety, in fact it is one of the most valuable. The nutritional properties of red radicchio are extraordinary. Inside we find a large amount of Protein, phosphorus, sodium, iron, potassium, vitamins of group C, B and A, calcium and fiber.

This vegetable is completely free of cholesterol and fat and is therefore recommended for those who follow a healthy diet aiming to lose weight. The red color is due to the presence of certain substances, anthocyanins, It is useful for the cardiovascular system.

Radicchio is also recommended for those who suffer from headaches and excessive stress because of its relaxing and dilating properties. Moreover, thanks to its ingredients it helps to speed up the metabolism, but above all it prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Radicchio is a panacea for health, but it’s not for everyone: Here’s who to stay away from

In fact, recent studies have shown that radicchio can Reducing the risk of heart disease up to 30% and Risk of heart attack up to 45%. This vegetable is typical for the fall, winter and early spring months.

Dandelions that grow between October and November are the so-called early, and the most popular variety. The most famous are certainly Treviso, Chioggia and Verona, which have the grains and characteristics of the coasts.

Some preparations with radicchio _

However, there are some Diseases for which radicchio consumption is strictly not recommended. Who, for example, suffers from Kidney or gallbladder stones You should reduce its consumption because the substances present in these vegetables aggravate the symptoms.

Moreover, inside the radicchio there is a focus Nickel It is highly unsuitable and not recommended for allergy sufferers. Finally, few know that red pepper Stimulates uterine contractions Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant women who may experience complications and even premature labour.

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