Racist insults and English clubs boycott social media for 4 days: “No discrimination”

Clubs of the English Premier League, the English Football League and the Women’s Premier League to join the boycott of social media platforms for a period of four days (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) in an effort to combat abuse and discrimination. The Football Association, league bodies and other organizations, including the anti-discrimination charity Kick it Out, will also participate. This boycott indicates our collective outrage. Unfortunately, social media is now a regular ship of material transport. By taking ourselves off the platforms, we are. We do a symbolic gesture against those in power. We need you to take action. We need to make a difference. We need social media companies to make their platforms an environment hostile to trolls and not to the football family, “said Kik from President Sanjay Bhandar.

David McGoldrick of Sheffield United, the victim of racist abuse, said. last year. The Football Fans Association, the League Managers Association, Women in Football, the Women’s Championship and Clubs, as well as the Professional Referee of Limited Match Developers (PGMOL), have also pledged to boycott Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. A joint statement from England’s football governing bodies said the boycott is a way “to emphasize that social media companies must do more to eliminate hate on the Internet,” but also “to emphasize the importance of educating people. Working to boycott football in isolation, of course,” It will not eradicate the scourge of discriminatory online abuse, but it will demonstrate that the game is ready to take voluntary and pre-emptive action in this ongoing struggle. “

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English football will not tolerate any form of discrimination. We are calling on organizations and individuals across the game to join us in a temporary boycott of these social media platforms, to show solidarity and unity in the message, ”as the FA Director of Equality and Diversity, Edeline John, said,“ Social media companies should be held accountable if they continue not to. Fulfill their moral and social responsibilities to address this endemic problem. “

The UK government has previously threatened social media companies with “heavy fines” of up to “billions of pounds” if they fail to address violations on their platforms. Facebook said in February that stricter measures would be taken to address the problem. Last week, Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, announced a tool to allow users to automatically filter abusive messages from those they don’t follow on the platform.

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