Quieter and less polluting: a new Ryanair aircraft in Orio al Serio

The 737-8200 with Ryanair decoration made its maiden flight from London Stansted and landed at 9.20 local time at Milan Bergamo Airport to depart again at 9.45 for London Airport. With 197 seats, eight more than the 800 series, the plane features 16% less CO2 emissions and a 40% reduction in acoustic footprint.

“June 26, 2021 is an important date in the new commercial air transport route. To the extent that the long-awaited chapter of the gradual renewal of the fleet, which was already recent in itself, of the most important airline at Bergamo Airport – explains Giovanni Sanga, head of SACPO -.

The commissioning of the new Boeing 737-8200 launches a process that will result in reduced aircraft impact in terms of noise and carbon dioxide emissions. We have always considered sustainability a prerequisite for managing air traffic in the best possible way طريقة

. It is even more so when aviation activities are resumed with the aim of gradually returning to pre-Covid levels. Safety and sustainability, along with efficiency and quality of services, will characterize the present and future of commercial flights.”

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