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Queues in the UK for petrol

They formed on Saturday at several locations in the UK Long queues In front of gas stations after some of them were closed due to the lack of tankers to bring crude oil. The queues, which began after major oil companies closed some petrol stations on Friday, were also caused by the bends of many motorists, fearing they would run out of petrol.

But the British government is looking for solutions to the problem and how he wrote Reuters, could change some immigration rules to try to reduce restrictions on foreign truck drivers.

Queues began at gas stations on Friday after some oil companies, including BP and Shell, began They closed Several gas stations due to lack of fuel. In the UK, a serious logistical crisis has been going on for months, one of the various consequences of Brexit and the main cause of tanker shortages: in this case, there is not enough fuel to bring all the distributors.


In fact, like he knew British government, fuel shortages these days wouldn’t be as severe: closed distributors are in the minority. However, the problem is that many British motorists, afraid of running out of gasoline, decided to refuel as quickly as possible, which caused long queues and really jeopardized the fuel supply.

In several areas, particularly in England, queues at gas stations were long enough to block the road, Bedfordshire County Police in north London wrote on Twitter.

Other announcements related to the logistical crisis contributed to the concern of British citizens: for example, a well-known association of merchants He said On Friday, due to a lack of carriers, there is a risk that supermarkets will be short of many groceries over the Christmas period.

A queue at a gas station in Northwich (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

To try to resolve the situation, the government is studying the possibility of creating a temporary visa to allow a few thousand foreign transporters to work in the UK. However, no official statements have been announced yet.

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