Quentin Tarantino’s arrival, cinema speculation, his first critique

Quentin Tarantino cinema speculation

It was announced some time ago (and you can read the full news below), but it’s now official. Cinema speculation It is the first essay on film history and criticism by Quentin Tarantino.

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This topic is one of the director’s favorites Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood And this was the golden age of the 1970s in the United States, perhaps the best moment for American cinema ever.

Cinema speculation It will hit the shelves of American bookstores on October 25, 400 pages to be swallowed up by fans, but also by professionals, who through these ideas will be able to absorb new ideas to interpret the work of one of the most influential filmmakers of the past 30 years.

An Italian release date hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s very likely to be quite contemporary with the US, given that it actually happened to mark the release of the novel based on Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood The publishing house La Nave di Teseo has announced a long and future collaboration with Quentin Tarantino.

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Below is the first “teaser” made available by American publisher Harper & Collins to describe Cinema Guess, in English and in our translation. Plus the cover of the article of course, which is already very interesting in itself.

Quentin Tarantino cinema speculationIn addition to being among the most famous of contemporary filmmakers, Quentin Tarantino is probably the most fanatic of infectious films alive. For years, he’d tout in interviews about his eventual transformation into writing books about movies. Now, with movie speculation, it’s time, and the results are everything his ardent fans – and all movie fans – could have hoped for. Organized around major American films from the 1970s, all of which he first saw as a young movie-goer at the time, this book is as intellectually rigorous and insightful as it is fun and entertaining. Film criticism, film theory, reporting accomplishment, and a fascinating personal history, all written in a unique voice that is instantly recognizable as QT and with a rare cinematic perspective only possible from one of the art form’s greatest practitioners ever.

Besides being one of the most famous contemporary filmmakers, Quentin Tarantino is also arguably the most contagious fan of live cinema. For years, he announced during his interviews the possibility of writing books about cinema. That moment came with cinematic speculation, and the result is everything enthusiastic fans – and movie lovers – could have hoped for. Rotating around the major films of American cinema in the 1970s, which Tarantino saw in the room as the cinematic youth of the time, the book is a rigorous intellectual study as well as hilarious and entertaining. In one volume of criticism and film theory, testimonies and beautiful personal experience, all written in a unique QT tone that is instantly recognizable and from a viewpoint rare in cinema only by one of the greatest specialists in this art form of all time.

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