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In the evening, after a day that went down in history with a view from the balcony, Elizabeth kept her promise to light the Jubilee Torch in Windsor. Solemn Mass on Day 4, Epsom Derby, Concert and Stars, Jubilee Lunch and Parade

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LONDON – The King’s change of plans: She will not be present at mass on June 3 at St Paul in the City of London, due to a slight illness, says the official memo from Buckingham Palace that arrived in the evening. But she kept her promise to attend the torch-lighting ceremony at Windsor Castle, where Elizabeth symbolically lit the first flame by placing her hand on a symbolic ball encased in a royal crown. After that, another 3,500 lamps were lit across the country and the Commonwealth.

The Elizabeth’s jubilee beginsAnd the Kissed in time and a perfect display of queen and power, pride and choreography in front of Buckingham Palace and Green Park attacked by a crowd from the ocean They hurried to London to receive the Queen of Records.
And I was greatly touched by the affection, and I thanked: all those who made the day an unforgettable occasion.

But only the beginning of four intense days of festivities which would also include Commonwealth countries (tempted by Republican pressure).

Thus 3500 beacons, festive torches are lit from the evening of the second of June As in the centuries-old traditions of British rulers’ festivities, it will also be lit for the first time in Commonwealth countries.

The first, lit up by the Queen at night in Windsor and just in front of Buckingham Palace where the Tree of Thrones stands out, was by his nephew William.. Tree of Trees: A tree made of trees – 350-21 meters high in front of Buckingham Palace to celebrate Elizabeth II’s jubilee. Modern Green Monument (350 potted plants to be buried later), signed by architect Thomas Heatherwick. It’s a hymn to sustainability that the Queen and heir to the throne, Prince Charles, loved. A Tree of Trees is the Queen’s Green Canopy’s most ambitious project: a call to plant a tree in honor of the Queen of Records.

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On the other hand, on June 3, a day of reflection
family reunion, After the military parade and historic, ocean crowd at Mall 2, the festivities moved to St Paul’s Cathedral in the heart of the city, at the cathedral rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren after a fire in 1666.

Thanksgiving Mass, where the Queen is not so sad: The Queen liked the Christmas parade but was a little tired, the palace said on the evening of the third day announcing the flat rate of mass in St Paul. Mass again as in the centuries-old jubilees tradition of British kings. Expect all Windsors, Harry and Meghan including, The Dukes of Sussex, Andrea is absent instead because he tested positive for Covid that night. In the air, a step away from the Millennium Bridge designed by Lord Norman Foster to cross the Thames and connect the old heart of London with the Globe and Tate Modern, the Great Ball, the country’s largest bell, is from the 1970s but ready to return to service to honor the Queen.

Saturday 4, if the Queen doesn’t go to the Epson derby – as it usually does – where an audience of fans has always hoped to see her in Jubilee Year (but there will be Windsors).

Elizabeth II will follow from Windsor the big BBC concert It was held at Buckingham Palace in the evening. I waited for a message from their son Charles and William, while the stars and stars will perform on a stage set up around the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of the Royal Palace. Sir Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Doran Duran and Diana Ross. It is also, Sam Ryder, the latest surprise of the made-in-British music that triumphed at Eurovision a week ago (second only to the Ukrainian band’s victory).

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The Great Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Show – organized by the BBC which will set the stage around the Queen Victoria Monument in front of Buckingham Palace
– It will be a victory for the stars as in the tradition of concerts in the palace for the Queen’s Jubilee. And without much respect to bless the festivities that will host the long weekend in London from 2-5 June, combining high and low musical culture. Not just made in Britain, but global. Focusing on the stars of yesteryear (there will also be Brian May and Rod Stewart) and new talent voiced by Sam Ryder. With musical legend Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, and voices like Alicia Keys.

But the grand finale – after the grand jubilee lunch From the Jubilee with thousands of guests gathered to roast the Queen, in the open air of London, which two years after the pandemic looks like a mirage) – it will arrive on Sunday afternoon with the official platinum competition. Ed Sheeran God save the Queen in front of Buckingham Palace, and also the Queen’s Corgi, the official Platinum Jubilee of Elizabeth II procession that will cross London on Sunday 5 June, will be a massive and unprecedented event at the Windsor Jubilee celebrations. Unprecedented, milestone for the Queen of Records: the first king to interrupt 7 decades of rule history. Ten thousand people, 2,750 soldiers, more than 6 thousand volunteers and representatives, and 2500 people from the common audience took part. For a planetary show of at least a billion spectators, according to organizers who today in London unveil the magic of festivities unfolding along the Mall, in front of Buckingham Palace. To cross the heart of the city and the cosmopolitan city.

The People’s Festival as it has been christened, the People’s Parade, will be a testament to the UK’s creativity, vitality and openness to the world. The Commonwealth. Sheeran but also Jeremy Irons, Sir Cliff Richard and Heston Blumenthal. Starring Rosie Jones, Cadena Cox, Alan Techmarsh, James Martin, Jane Torville, Christopher Dean, Gary Lineker, Bill Bailey and Jock Wan. A wonderful theatrical performance, a historical reenactment of the day almost in history: the one that happened in June 1953 when Elizabeth was crowned Queen at Westminster Abbey. And so the bells of Westminster will ring again on June 5th to begin the Platinum Contest on the 70th anniversary of the reign. Initiate a military parade extraordinary in size and color of various army uniforms from across the Commonwealth, from Canada to New Zealand, Australia, Pakistan, Ghana, Belize, Jamaica and Sri Lanka. But that’s not all: it will be a kaleidoscope of different colours, cultures, religious faiths and age groups. All to celebrate what the Queen said in her message marking the platinum jubilee (last February 6), it will be an opportunity to strengthen this sense of belonging and community.

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Scottish bagpipes, children from Birmingham, actors and creators from Cardiff as well as Belfast, dancers from Bristol, students from Coventry, dolls from the Isle of Wight Then the spirit of the party and the colors of carnival came from the lands of Somerset. Only some of the actors on this show. A grand celebration will climax in front of the Monument to Queen Victoria, in front of Buckingham Palace.

The show is directed by the master of the competition, Adrian Evansand Chairman Sir Michael Lockett with Nicholas Coleridge. Surrounded by CEO Rosana Machado. And there, in front of the world’s most famous balcony, Sheeran’s voice sings the national anthem, God save the Queen. It will be a celebration of the Queen of Records.

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