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Now a secret message from Queen ElizabethHe died a few days ago, after 7 years of rule, at the age of 96. And the “generous” is rising on the Internet.. According to the British newspapers, there will now be a secret message that would not have been read. It will be a letter, handwritten by Queen Elizabeth II, addressed to the citizens of Sydney. It seems that the message hidden in one of the buildings Historians of the city will not be able to read it. Perhaps King Charles III, who was recently announced, can decide to dispel any doubts by reading these words of Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth passes the funeral procession in front of the Basilica of Palatir

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But another curiosity concerns this message, which is hidden in a display case and no one can read it at the moment. The only readable words are: “Greetings. In the year 2085 AD, open this envelope and Broadcasting to the citizens of Sydney My message to them.” Who knows the content of the letter? Basically nothing. And Queen Elizabeth never wanted to reveal the message of this letter. Nobody knows anything, not even Elizabeth’s closest staff in years.

This letter was written on the occasion of the building’s construction in November 1986. It would take 63 years to learn the words of Elizabeth II. Meanwhile, the king Charles III – Recently announced – He is touring the UK to commemorate his beloved Elizabeth II who left everyone just a few days ago. And it is not only the British who mourn this, but all other nations as well. Queen Elizabeth was a prominent woman on her wrist, but she was also very emotional. She never yelled at you thanks to his composure.

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