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Queen Elizabeth, there’s nothing to do anymore: It’s over for them | The situation is terrible – Democrat

In the past few hours, a scenario had emerged that no one had ever expected. Your Majesty is facing a very dangerous situation

Having crossed the extraordinary threshold by ninety-six years, Queen Elizabeth Getting ready for the next event. After her husband Prince Philip of Edinburgh was commemorated, now is the time to celebrate in Britain. His Majesty is getting closer and closer to completing the seventieth year of his reign.

Queen Elizabeth (Websource)

Until a few weeks ago health conditions They seemed almost unrecoverable, even the king is confined to a wheelchair. Now, however, the Queen is back to walking on her legs with a certain movement, although a lady approaching a century of age may well be.

So, while His Majesty once again surprised the world with a quick recovery, there are other issues that worry the entire kingdom. In addition to the angular story of Prince Andrew, who has been embroiled in goosebumps for some time now, the situation is linked to Harry and Meghan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth, there is no more work this time: the situation is tragic

The Dukes of Sussex They came back a few weeks ago in United kingdom. They basically did it for Grandma’s birthday HarryHowever, he is always very fond of it. However, the situation is still very thorny, mainly due to one rumor Megan Who can’t wait to go home to the United States.

As if the tension wasn’t high enough, the news was spread by some sources daily Mail Unleash a snow storm on Buckingham Palace. Prince Harry ‘must not be seen’, this is the message also conveyed by, in reference to the celebration of the seventieth anniversary of the accession of His Majesty the King. This could have been decided by the latter Don’t let his nephew and his American wife appear from the balcony of the royal palace.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (web source)

Prince Charles’ friends They fear that plans for Harry and Meghan to return to Britain with their children this platinum jubilee weekend could overshadow the Queen’s 70-year reign.”reported a source for the Daily Mail, who described a difficult situation in which the protagonists are afraid to take a wrong step.

Given that, in all likelihood, the much-discussed couple will still be present at the event, and the question now is: What should they do? The question was also asked by the expert in military history Christopher Jules At the moment there is no answer. Most likely we will be able to find out the truth only on June 2, the long-awaited date on which the celebration will take place.

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