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Queen Elizabeth: ‘The Fun Behind the Formalities’

There are summers at Balmoral, the voyage on the HMS Vanguard, which took the British royal family from the UK to South Africa in 1947, for a royal tour, and there are smiles and hugs to Margaret, the Queen’s adorable younger sister. .’s first pictures Elizabeth: The Invisible Queen, the new Documentary about the king Which will be broadcast by the BBC on Sunday 29 May. To create it, archives of the Windsor House videos, which have more than 400 reels, which reveal the most private side of Elizabeth II, taken from his carefree childhood years, were used.

Future Elizabeth II (viewer right) with her father George VI and sister Margaret © BBC

But it’s not just the unreleased photos that are striking. The real surprise lies in the fact that The Sovereign herself thought in the foreground. So secretive and welcoming, his narrative voice traces the most important and dearest moments.

The documentary tells “The Pleasure Behind the Formalities”, In the words of Elizabeth II. “Cameras have always been a part of our lives. I think there is a difference in watching a home movie when you know who is on the other side of the lens. It adds to the sense of familiarity,” the governor continued, without placing herself in a different dimension from that of others. “Like many families, my parents wanted to pursue precious moments together.” A Tradition Never Abandoned: “When it was our turn, we did the same with our families, I always enjoyed capturing family moments. I expect nearly every family to have a regularly watched collection of photographs or films to remember precious moments, which have been replaced over time by more recent photos and memories.

The 75-minute documentary, based on Elizabeth’s childhood, tells of her adolescence and her new responsibilities (from the Duke of York’s daughter to heir to the throne, after her uncle abdicated) until her coronation in 1953, and moments from her daily life with her husband Filippo and children. Appear Joyful and informal family portrait. An unusual and beautiful view of His Majesty’s private life, and it’s not just 70 years of his reign.

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