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The ruler of the United Kingdom of Great Britain holds all the people he ruled for seven decades in a state of apprehension

At the age of 96 more than two months ago, the Queen continued to sit on the throne of the United Kingdom. The longest-serving ruler in British history was in place for seventy years, celebrated with Platinum Jubilee It lasted four days in June. To honor His Majesty, dignitaries came from every corner of the nation and beyond. Of course, all members of his family were present except for Prince Andrew who, as we know, is embroiled in a scandal of global proportions.

Queen Elizabeth II (Websource)

They also attended the party Harry and MeganWhat he talked about most recently, or since they decided to leave the royal palace with all the ensuing burdens and privileges.

Elizabeth II on the other hand, in order not to miss a date as important as it is historical, she had to fight with one A long line of health problems that plagued me for several months. However, at her great age, it is normal for her to suffer from various diseases, even if the queen has to fulfill many institutional tasks that involve a large expenditure of energy.

Queen Elizabeth’s health conditions make you fear the worst

As we said earlier, the duties of the Queen of the United Kingdom are many-sided. Even if there is a parliament, Elizabeth II is called upon to perform various functions, from legislative to executive, and it is clear that she passes through diplomatic functions. At the moment, as reported by Sky News and other media, It seems that His Majesty’s health conditions have made Buckingham Palace anxious rather than a little.

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Queen Elizabeth II (Websource)

Precisely for this reason, In the future there will be nothing like the Queen. Thus there will be fewer general obligations for her. The ones that she will necessarily have to participate in will get lighter instead to try to make her as tiring as possible. Therefore a renewal plan is underway in the UK in relation to the monarchy.

in a way The whole nation is preparing for the position of Elizabeth IIand organize all his duties in cooperation with the most trusted persons. We had an example in the traditional discourse in Westminster Which coincides with the opening of the new session of Parliament. The king missed the appointment, leaving the task in the hands of his son Carlofurther evidence of the difficult conditions the ninety-six-year-old has been living in for some time now.

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