Queen Elizabeth II and her reign for 69 years

The February 6, 1952After his uncle abdicated the throne Edward VIII And the death of his father George VIAnd the Elisabetta He becomes heir to the throneEngland. A long reign, full of difficult and decisive moments, but also great glories and victories. Turns out today 69 The years of the reign of a creative king, famous for her eccentric and always elegant style and her authority known and acclaimed by the whole world.

February 6, 1952 and ascend the throne

When he was a father Queen Elizabeth IIAnd the George VI His sovereigntyEngland Come out, it is February 6, 1952 The young woman is only 25 years old. Given waiver Uncle Edward VIIIAnd the Elisabetta She is destined to become a queen UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Pakistan, South Africa and CeylonAs well as the head of the Commonwealth. However, the official coronation is just over a year later.

Indeed it is June 2, 1953 When you are inWestminster Abbey Archbishop Canterbury The coronation of the young lady. Queen Elizabeth II In the previous months, she did several lavish party rehearsals and wore the heavy crown, which weighed about a kilogram and a half. Although then Prime Minister Winston Churchill was opposed to filming, this coronation was the first in history to be shown on television.

On February 6, 1952, Queen Elizabeth II became the heir to the throne. Image credits: Vanityfair

February 6 in history

The February 6, 1778Signing of treaties between France H United States of AmericaOn the occasion of the recognition of the newly formed foreign republic. at 1822 instead of, Francis I., EmperorAustria, Replaces the death penalty for Silvio Pellico e Piero Maroncelli Heavy prison sentence.

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Exactly a century later, Cardinal Achille Rati Ascends to the papal throne in the name of the Pope Pew xi. On February 6 from 1958Eight soccer players Manchester Tragically, they lose their lives, during a plane crash Munich. Finally, on the same day at 1977And the 2002 H 2017 The Queen’s silver, gold, and sapphire jubilees were celebrated respectively Queen Elizabeth II.

Born today

He was born on February 6th in 1577 a RomeAnd the Beatrice SenseiWho went down in history as a popular heroine, after being executed with the death of her father. at 1778 a Zante Instead it comes to light Ugo Foscolo, One of the lead authors of eighteen century.

Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945. Image credits: FormulaPassion
Bob Marley was born on February 6, 1945. Image credits: FormulaPassion

He was born on February 6th 1911 The 40th President L. United State Ronald Reagan And the following year on the same day Eva BrownControversial figure, buddy Führer Adolf Hitler. Finally, I was born on Jamaica at (1945[1945Unforgettable Bob Marley.

Dead today

at 1973 Close Carlo Goldoni, Famous author Lucandera. He died on February 6 of 1952 The king of UK George VILeaving the throne to his daughter Elisabetta. Two important artists such as Gustav Klimt also died in 1918 and Piero Manzoni, at 1963.

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