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Italy and Germany’s match ended 1-1, in the Romanian round of group races in Milan, contested on a floor that became gum after rain this evening and strong north winds that swept across the Capanelli before returning the warm sun from a faker. previous days. Sobran Basel led our team at Verzier, scoring four-quarters tie in De Capua (in the picture), which is the most important pattern.

Verzier. Three females ages 3 and up have done the full Grizzetti Galoppo with Sopran Basilea and Cima Star. Many were perplexed about the choices Gerald Moss would make on the Cima Star, which soon went straight to the “remains” of returning oak player Eulalia who was ultimately only six. The French rider, who had already climbed for fifth at Malleret at Longchamp, explained that the tread came to meet him, and that at that point he thought it best to continue his run, with a larger mare group. More than twice as much today. The impression is that training partner Subran Basilia might have flown her anyway (“I’d love to ride someone like her, you keep her there and fly her when you need her,” Carlo Fucci comments). And anyway in the Oaks, the two ended up separating, around 2,200, at a rare length, with Cima Star at number two and Sopran Basilea at number four.

The Grizzettians will meet again at Lydia Tesio on November 7, where they will find among the opponents some of the most demanding Germans from Salonlove, who took fourth place this time. For Subran Basilia, the pony that Leonardo Ciampoli bought for 11,000 euros came, the third win in seven races. By fourth in the Oaks, he had won the Incisa della Rocchetta roster.

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Capua DI. Moss’ second place also reached De Capua, with Sima’s contingency which he knew well above all else after his victory in Parioli 2020. Instead, sixteen months later, the quads retaliated. Here with us already first in Gran Criterium 2019, second in Parioli, in fact, 3rd in Di Capua and fourth in Ribot 2020, “Rubi”, as Holger Faust calls him, who is Darius Racing’s Team Principal, has found himself very well in exotic terrain today, enough Two drops of rain, and with a final thickness of 400 metres, in the middle of the track, the active Mount Clement Lickooffer has reached our head, gaining a precious length of 200 e half stocked in the Cima Emergency, which instead carried more hit inside. Faust announced plans to return the Quartets to Rome for Reboot on November 7.

Aria Hamburg has been working in vain for the lead (but is there really a need every time to use it in this way at a distance that is still at its limit?) to finish the last chapter. Favorite Jane Jane hit the tread first but was well beaten in the 250. The other German Wonnemond and Cantocoral took a square with beautiful ringworm, and Atimo Fugente who this time ran “under”, did not receive some accusation for Out of Time finding no vital space to reckon.

Vittorio de Capua Prize (Collection 2, €231,550, 1,600 pages): 1. Rubaiyat (C. Lecoeuvre), 2. Cima Emergency, 3. Wonnemond, 4. Cantocorale. Designations: 1/2 – inc. – 1 1/2. Total 9.09 3.38 2.77 4.65 (82.24) Triple 451.86.

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Verziere-Memorial Aldo Cirla ​​Award (Group 3, €69,300, 2,000 pg): 1. Sopran’s Basel (Ce Fucci), 2. Sima Star, 3. Santa Rita, 4. Salon Love. Gaps: 1 2 1/2 – 2 1/2. Total 7.10 2.54 1.67 2.68 (12.39) triple 267.93.

TQQ: Tris 9-2-14, €303.40 for 110 winners, fee with rit. (No. 1, 13) 8.90 euros; Quarter 9-2-14-8, €1967.99 for four winners; Quinte 9-2-14-8-3, Nevada

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