Quantum Error is better on PS5 for higher SSD than Xbox Series X | S for all developers

in the last days, Teamkill Media He made a rather bizarre statement for a team developing a cross-platform game, clearly reporting that his team Quantitative error He works Better on PS5 than Xbox Series X | S.Because of the famous superior SSD from the Sony console.

Just as the PS5 SSD magic seems to be wearing off, with a Ratchet and Clank case that can be used on PC even with a mechanical hard drive, TeamKill Media’s tweet arrived, which explained how the Quantum Error was developed specifically on the PS5 and encounters it. problems On Xbox Series X | S, stating that Sony’s console is the best platform to play the title in question.

Quantum Error is designed for PS5 SSD

According to reports from TeamKill Media, theto improve It takes longer on Xbox because the game would seem to be limited by an SSD at a slower speed than on PS5, which instead allowed the grand vision of the cosmic horror in question to be realized.

Regardless of whether or not this is true, emphasizing one version over another is a rather odd idea from a team that should be promoting a game on multiple platforms. It has to be said that Teamkill Media immediately adopted a clever communication strategy for their game, focused on getting people talking about the Quantum Error as much as possible through Twitter.

We’ve seen something like this since the announcement of the standalone game in question, which instantly achieved great fame after being introduced as one of the first games ever for PS5, only to arrive several years later to become multi-platform and cross-platform.

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