Quantity Error: New gameplay clips, the team explains Xbox and PS5 claims

The Quantum Error was shown off in two new gameplay trailers, with the team also clarifying recent allegations about Xbox and PS5.

Quantity Error: New gameplay clips, the team explains Xbox and PS5 claims

TeamKill Media is published Two new gameplay trailers to Quantitative errorhis “cosmic horror” soon, and with the occasion too He also clarified some of the recent claims about Xbox and PS5 Which caused a sensation.

As we saw yesterday, the team reported that the Quantum Error looked better on PS5 due to the superiority of its SSD, which instead led to some development issues on Xbox Series X | S, due to the slower archive management standard.

This hasn’t gone unnoticed, even considering the oddity of better speaking one version than the other in regards to a game about to be released across platforms. The controversies that arose led to further clarification from the developers, who made it better clear what they meant.

Quantum error on PS5 or Xbox, TeamKill Media explains

We didn’t say the game didn’t work on Xbox, the game moved 60fps with the same graphics quality on both Xbox and PS5,” TeamKill Media explained in a subsequent tweet. We just pointed out that the SSD on Xbox is slower and that we need to find a way to compensate. We have a boss fight in Quantum Error that instantly makes us jump from one level to the next 4-5 times like in Ratchet and Clank and without the extra speed of a PS5 SSD, this fight can slow down or cause locking up, which can degrade the experience.

To be honest, even this interpretation could be a bit wrong, since we’ve seen recently that Ratchet and Clank on PC also works with a mechanical hard drive, or has it anyway Any SSD As a recommended application too, so for a similar solution, the Xbox Solid State Memory should also suffice. As someone pointed out in the responses to the tweet, it’s possible that developers may decide to use a DirectStorage solution to improve performance, as we’ll see.

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Meanwhile, on this page we can see some examples of how quantum error can be displayed.

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