Quake Remastered is real, and it’s already available everywhere

A little hint has already arrived this morning, but now there are no more doubts and we can finally say that Quake is finally back, ready to”You scare us again with its atmosphere! During Quakecon’s inaugural event that’s going on, we were actually able to get a look at what Bethesda’s next steps will be. Quake is a very important brand of the house of software and that is why it has been revived thanks to this Remastered.

Quake II RTX software

It is clear that the collection will include the remastered title along with all the expansions that accompanied millions of players in the depths, right up to the discovery of “The Machine”. Earthquake Remastered It exists For PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and obviously it will also be possible to play it through Game Pass. The redesigned version includes support for widescreen and even 4K displays, a new lighting system and above all an anti-aliasing system completely reset from 0.

Quake includes the original Expansion Packs The Plague of Aragon and Solve Immortality and the two expansions developed by the award-winning MachineGames team, Dimension of the Past and new “machine dimensions”. It will also be possible to access both offline and online multiplayer modes. The poses that made the brand popular especially during the late ’90s parties.

We remind you once again that you can play the title right away, because Quake is already available for download. If you have Final game pass you can too Take advantage of XCloud So that you can play in complete calm On any device via the cloud. In addition, in Game Pass it is also possible to play the second and third editions of the series! Also, tell us what you think of this rebirth of a ’90s classic. Could it also be a testing ground to determine if a new class should be developed? Obviously we’ll only find out later!

Want to try the pass game? in your place eye here!

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