Qatargate, Kylie and Georgie’s investment in Paros Island: 300 thousand euros for the land on which a villa with a swimming pool will be built

Nine acres on a beautiful Paros Island Where a villa with a pool is being built. This is the couple’s “last” investment Kylie Georgiwhich ended up in the crosshairs of the investigators after opening a fileInvestigation in Greece In parallel with Qatargate Which is shaking European Parliament. Detectives are working on crimes corruption And the Recycling Of the money and the Belgian investigation has now been extended to Greece, on the order of the financial prosecutor Christos Bardakis.

The lot, as Greek media reported today, was purchased by the couple nine months ago. The island’s residents said it was a particularly distinguished piece of land, measuring 9 acres, or about 36,000 square metres, on a slope Funalia there is chance CostosWith panoramic views of the plain and the sea. the cost? About 300 thousand euros. affiliate Transaction There is no trace in Asset declarations From Kaili because it dates back to the current year, and so it wasn’t finally announced until May 2023.

What interests Greek financiers, however, is the consistency of the deal, as well as what goes with it Real estate company Created by Kaili and Giorgi and based in Kolonakigood neighborly Athens A stone’s throw from the Italian embassy: last summer the two had visited the area with the aim of developing the property in question for commercial exploitation. For this reason, the Greek authorities must interrogate whoever sold the property to the two to examine details, such as Payment Terms.

Meanwhile from Paros they let him know that villa on that earth with Swimming pool And the Cellar: I projects It has already been submitted to the Town Planning Department of Paros Municipality. It’s gross 280 metres In the Squares, the engineer who met the couple three times in August told the Greek press: “We had 3-4 meetings. They wanted a house to live in next summer, and all the planning for a home for their family has been done. We just fell from the clouds with this story, because Kylie At least it was very good. It amazes me that a woman like that should be involved in things like that,” she said.

Also an American economist Nouriel Roubini He took a stand on the Qatargate case and called Eva Kylie in a tweet one “corrupt fan” And the “Queen of Cryptocurrencies”: “She took her bribes in cash – in dollars and euros – not in worthless cryptocurrencies. Sheer hypocrisy!”. Meanwhile, another Greek MEP who has ended up in the eye of the storm these days due to a payment problem is the conservative Maria Sperakiwas expelled from the party Democratic nya With the same decision of the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, until the investigation of the case is completed. Furthermore, even then, the Prime Minister said that Spiraki “wouldn’t even be a New Democracy candidate in the next national election.”

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