Qatar, Socialist Trabella’s speech to the European Parliament: “The World Cup favored reforms… Progress in rights”

Nine years ago we had one Precision On the deplorable situation of workers in Qatarthen there were no more decisions for the simple reason that progress has been made in the field of workers’ rights. The situation is not ideal In Qatar, there is a lot of progress to be made, but the country is committed to reforms. to organize world championships It was certainly the element that accelerated these reforms.” He then concludes with the stigmatization of censorship towards Qatar: “Today the discourse negative on one side It is clear to me harms the development of rights in Qatar. When the lights of the World Cup go out, this positive development must continue, not only in Qatar, but in all the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, in all that region that we have. 40 million workers They deserve a better fate than they have today.”

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Mazzette from Qatar, Belgian socialist MEP Marc Tarabella, was also sought after. Stations validated: also Kaili and Panzeri

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Mazet from Qatar, Gentiloni: “If corruption is confirmed, it will be very serious. Just to open the discussion

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