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Python devours a parrot on the roof of a house in Australia: shocking photos

The pictures are dramatic and gorgeous. They document a scene of the one that can only be seen in documentaries, unless you live in them Australia. Yes, because the amazing photographic sequence that Gary Montagner posted on social networks comes from there. It all happens on the roof of a country house in the suburbs of Cairns, Queensland. There, all of a sudden, a resident noticed strange movements coming from the roof. So, once he got close to see better, he was shocked.

In fact, the cause of the commotion was a large snake not less than three meters high, which, as if nothing had happened, took advantage of this roof to ambush one of the wonderful parrots that lived in the area. So, as soon as he caught the fist, he started eating. The rest of what the circle of life represents, in nature, is all in those dramatic images that tell the meal of the snake who, in the end, satisfied and with a full stomach, remained on the surface enjoying the view.

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