PvP in open world areas with hate fields will be similar to The Division –

During BlizzConline 2021, Blizzard demonstrated some of the PvP From Diablo 4 And how it will work in open world areas. Game director Louis Barrega and Technical Director John Mueller explained that Hate Fields, From regions that have functions very similar to those in The Dark Zone The Division.

Rogue’s new class, or cutthroats, isn’t the only Diablo 4 novelty that was unveiled at BlizzCon yesterday. For example, game director Luis Barriga and technical director John Mueller explained how PvP, or that moment in the game that Diablo IV players can fight one another, will not be active everywhere, but only in specific areas of the map in the open world. These areas are called Hate Fields And within them everything will be allowed.

In fact, not only are there other players to fight in there, but there will also be many more of them A very profitable business Such as raids and bosses that require the elimination of a large number of players,

Inside the hate fields you will be able to get it Stray and hateObjects to be purified at special altars, which will be used to forge special equipment and obtain enormous fortunes. The players with the most fatalities in the hate fields will be consistently highlighted on the map: they will be the ones who survive and can earn enormous fortunes, in addition to their guarantee for those who collect their rewards.

Dying within the Hate Fields will cause you to lose all your winning coins up to that point, but you will not be able to lose any pieces of equipment or coins. So it is one Mechanics Very similar to the one Ubisoft envisioned for The Division with the Black Zones, but it also appears to marry well with Diablo IV’s dynamics.

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